HIFU machine price

  What is the price of the HIFU machine?

  What is the price of the HIFU machine? First, let’s see what HIFU is. HIFU, which stands for “High Intensity Focused Ultrasound,” is a cosmetic drug specially designed for those who want to achieve a face lift without invasive surgery. Even more effective than our now very popular collagen waves. This is a process in which the heat of high-intensity focused ultrasound eliminates unwanted fat cells in the area you want. So if the excess fat layers under your armpits or the love handles at your waist are bothering you, HIFU can help you achieve a sharper, more defined shape. But the key point to note is that this is not an alternative to a weight loss routine, because while fat cells are destroyed, they do not lead to significant weight loss.

  What can we see during treatment?

  The ultrasound gel is applied to the target area, which allows the handle of the HIFU machine to slide and deliver effective ultrasound pulses through the skin to the targeted fat layer. Make multiple passes over the target area to maximize targeted fat cells. The feeling during the treatment is similar to a tingling or “pins and needles”, although there is no damage to the skin layers.

  How long will the therapeutic effect of hifu last?

  The best results usually appear two to three months after surgery. It can be permanent, but due to many factors such as lifestyle, diet, and exercise, it cannot be considered permanent. Depending on the target area and the amount of fat in that area, multiple treatments may be required.

  How much fat is needed for effective treatment?

  Ideally, people looking to reduce mild to moderate “stubborn” fat horns would benefit from HIFU. Consultation with a doctor will help determine the best course of treatment for each person. People who are obese or seeking significant overall weight loss are not suitable for this treatment.

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