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Six tips for buying laser tattoo removal

 Guide One, Q adjustment   The technique used for tattoo removal treatment is called “Q-switching”. It produces a specific type of fast, powerful pulse that can crush tattoo ink without damaging the surrounding skin tissue. To learn more about the technical…

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808 hair removal

Have you tried bikini line 808 hair removal?

  bikini or Brazil 808 hair removal   Like other body parts, 808 hair removal in the bikini part depends on factors such as skin tone, hair color, hair density and hair thickness. Your doctor will evaluate these factors to choose the…

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yag laser machine

Less common side effects of tattoo removal

  Less common reactions are classified as delayed reactions. The list includes: inflammation, infection, pigment changes, and systemic allergic reactions. How long these reactions last is not normal, but following proper care is still the customer’s first line of defense.   inflammation…

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laser tattoo

Everything you need to know about tattoo removal

  There are many reasons why people tattoo, whether it is cultural, personal or just because they like this design. Tattoos are becoming more and more mainstream, and facial tattoos are becoming more and more popular.   Just as there are many…

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