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Correct Understanding Of Laser Freckle Removal

Laser freckle removal is not “one shot” Some doctors often encounter such beauty seekers: “doctor, can the spots on my face disappear all at once?” This has to start with the principle of laser freckle removal. Principle of laser freckle…

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Nursing measures after laser hair removal

Now more and more people choose laser hair removal to remove their troubles, and laser hair removal has also been accepted and recognized by many people. Many people have achieved good results through laser hair removal surgery, but good postoperative…

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How to choose laser skin rejuvenation and laser

Many Jimei people, like me, have always been confused about the difference between photorejuvenation and laser, and what is the difference in the principle of action. HRMRA learned the secrets by reading through the materials and systematically learning. It is…

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What is a picosecond laser?

  The picosecond laser is a new breakthrough technology. PicoSure is the first in a new generation of beauty lasers. It doesn’t just rely on heat to burn or melt unwanted tattoo ink or melanin that causes dark spots on the…

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