Exercise to keep your hip muscles strong and flexible.

  The gluteus maximus played a very important role in the evolution of human upright walking. It is vital to the integrity and stability of the body while walking. Due to the living habits of modern people and the long-term working state of sitting and lying, the hip muscles are weak.

  While sitting down is mostly a pleasure, in the process, you end up hitting one of your body’s most important muscle groups: your hips. This includes hip flexors / hip extensors / hip / adductors / hip abductors / rotators.

  These muscle groups work together to enable your body to perform movements and activities that are essential to everyday life. Walking, running, jumping, sitting, climbing stairs, bending over, or even just standing, all require the strength of these muscles.

  The benefits of hip exercises

  Exercises that stretch and strengthen the gluteal muscles are important for keeping your body moving and grooving. They are special:

  Enhances core stability, balance and posture.

  increase flexibility

  increase circulation

  Allows you to easily and painlessly perform everyday and life-giving activities such as walking, running, dancing, jumping and even standing.

  Reduce the risk of other injuries

  The 10 best exercises for hip activity can gradually increase the number of sets as the strength increases.

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