Safety precautions before using laser tattoo removal machine

  First, read the advice above! If you can’t find any important details to consider in a product listing, no matter where it’s sold, avoid buying it until the manufacturer clarifies it.

  Again, FDA approval, positive clinical trials, and recommendations from real tattooists and tattoo removers are all things you should be looking for. If a laser tattoo remover doesn’t make you feel safe and professional right away, you’re better off putting it on a shelf.

  safety instructions

  Look at the manual! Safety procedures may vary from machine to machine. The manufacturer is supposed to give you a list of what you can and cannot do, as well as instructions, so read those before you do anything.

  Some tattoo removal lasers require a professionally trained tattoo remover, but in general:

  Make sure the tattoo area is clean, dry and unobstructed.

  The tattoo color uses the correct wavelength frequency.

  Use the correct pulse rate and spot size for the size of the tattoo.

  Wear safety glasses to protect your eyes from laser damage.

  Do a small test patch (like a 5 mm spot) and wait a few days to see if there are any adverse effects, then treat the entire tattoo.

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