Three minutes to understand the pros and cons of home laser hair removal

  In today’s life, more and more people are choosing hair removal. Excessive body hair not only affects the beauty of the body, but may also cause a lot of pain; when it comes to hair removal, many people may be quite in a comfortable bathroom immediately. Dye the roots or pluck the eyebrows to save time and money. Then, there is a new type of hair removal method, that is, laser hair removal.

  In the past, laser hair removal was generally performed in professional beauty salons or professional skin hospitals; then, more people now choose to buy professional small equipment online for laser hair removal, such as the Hrmora laser hair removal device.

  One.permanent hair removal

  The working principle of laser hair removal equipment is to kill hair follicles. But the hair grows cyclically, and the laser will only destroy the hair follicles in the active hair growth cycle. Therefore, multiple treatments are required every other month or so to completely prevent hair regrowth.

  For some people, laser hair removal is not completely permanent. You may need to undergo maintenance treatment once a year to prevent the occurrence of stray hair.

  This process is not cheap. Professional laser hair removal may cost hundreds of dollars per treatment, and each hair follicle may require six (or more) hair removal. You can spend more than one thousand yuan to pursue a bald bikini line.

  At the same time, you can order a home hair removal laser for about US$400 or US$500. At first glance, this seems to be a better investment. But Dr. Ward said there are some important caveats.

  Two.Domestic laser hair removal: advantages and disadvantages.

  There are two types of home hair removal equipment. One is a real laser, and the other uses intense pulsed light. Dr. Ward explained that both types can remove hair and are not as powerful as the equipment you find in a dermatologist’s office.

  There are good and bad. On the one hand, the smaller the power, the smaller the responsibility. These devices are safe for hobbyists to use at home, so you don’t have to worry about burning yourself in the name of smooth skin. (However, due to the laser, please make sure you follow the instructions exactly.)

  But the lower the power, the lower the efficiency: the working effect of household equipment is not as good as that of professional models.

  More disadvantages: Dr. Ward said that it is difficult to cover many areas such as the entire leg with small household equipment. They may not be strong enough to remove hair completely. She said: “After multiple treatments, the number of hairs you see will decrease-roots, but this may not be a home run.

  There.Who should try laser hair removal at home?

  What is the biggest disadvantage of home laser hair removal? These tools are only suitable for a narrow range of hair and skin tones. Laser zeroing of the pigment in the hair follicle is effective only when there is a big contrast between the skin and the hair. This means that these systems are recommended for people with light skin and dark hair.

  For people with dark skin, there is a risk of burns, although in order to prevent this from happening, many household appliances have sensors to prevent them from working deep in the skin.

  If you do not have a combination of white skin and black hair, professional laser is the only choice. “The lasers we use in dermatology are more complex and can be used on patients with any skin tone,” said Dr. Ward.

  The safety of laser hair removal.

  Dr. Ward said that if you have the right hair and skin tone, these devices are usually safe to use. But it is important to use them correctly.

  Don’t use them:

  Close to the eyes (although the upper lip is fine).

  On tattoos or colored areas, including moles.

  in the genital area (but you can safely aim at the bikini line). Dr. Ward said that when doing mathematical calculations, please consider that household equipment may have limited batteries or contain light-weight ink cartridges that need to be replaced. No matter how often you use them, you may never be completely without hair.

  She said: “It varies from person to person, but professional hair removal usually brings you more benefits.

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