Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) is popular among Koreans.

  As health management has become a major topic in daily life, various home medical devices have been released on the market to help people keep healthy. Because lightweight medical equipment is easy to use, fatigue can be easily relieved at home and at work. It has won praise from office workers who often use computers, housewives who often suffer from wrist and shoulder pain, and students who feel chronic fatigue.

  For modern people who like portable products, mini massagers are perfect. It can be regarded as a representative low-frequency massager in domestic medical equipment. The advantage of low-frequency massager is small size, not only can be put into the backpack, but also can be put into the handbag, small storage space, easy to carry. It is popular because it can be used on a variety of body parts, including the neck, shoulders, calves and soles.

  What is the concept of “ESM” marked by low frequency massager? EMS(Electronic Muscle Stimulation) massager literally means a massager electrically stimulated by muscles. By sending electrical signals to the skin’s attachment areas, muscle pain can be effectively relieved by contracting the muscles and releasing spasmodic muscles and spasms. In recent years, the low-frequency massager has adopted the hand technology and fine intensity control function of the real massager, and launched a product that allows customers to enjoy the massage effect they like. Even if customers only use 15 minutes a day, they can see the results of 2 hours of muscle training. In addition, it has the advantage that by repeatedly cleaning with tap water, it can be used with the same adhesive force as the new adhesive.

  People with cerebrovascular and circulatory diseases may be subjected to electrical stimulation, so be careful before using low-frequency massage. In addition, people with neurological diseases, diabetes, dementia and so on. No electrical stimulation will be felt, so it is important to know your physical condition before buying a product.

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