Nursing measures after laser hair removal

Now more and more people choose laser hair removal to remove their troubles, and laser hair removal has also been accepted and recognized by many people. Many people have achieved good results through laser hair removal surgery, but good postoperative care has a multiplier effect on hair removal. So, how should we care after laser hair removal? In order to have a satisfactory hair removal effect after operation, let’s take a look at the following knowledge about laser hair removal. I believe it will be helpful to your hair removal effect after operation.

Laser hair removal is to use the characteristics of laser to absorb the melanin cells of hair stem and hair follicle, so as to destroy hair follicle, but do not damage other normal tissues around. When the hair is in the growth period, its hair follicle is fully developed, and the hair follicle contains black that determines the hair color. At this time, if the long pulse laser irradiation with a specific wavelength is used, the melanin can be destroyed to achieve the purpose of hair removal of hair follicle atrophy.

Nursing measures after laser hair removal

  1. A few people will have a slight burning sensation at the treatment site after treatment, and there will be whitening, blackening or zooming of hair and light erythema of skin around hair follicles, which is a normal response. If necessary, do 10-15 minutes of local cold compress to alleviate or eliminate red fever.
  2. After operation, the treatment area should be cleaned with cold and warm water. Excessive activities such as exposure, sauna and massage are not allowed within a week.
  3. Permanent hair removal needs to adhere to the whole course of treatment in order to achieve satisfactory results. If you can’t adhere to the treatment, it is easy to relapse and the treatment period will be prolonged. Please also pay attention to sunscreen during treatment.
  4. After hair removal with laser technology, the pores are easy to open. It is recommended to avoid bathing and swimming in the first day after hair removal to prevent inflammation.
  5. Pay attention to sunscreen after two weeks of treatment, because the skin is particularly fragile after laser treatment. It is easy to get pigmentation after exposure to the sun. Although it will eventually subside, it will take some time.
  6. It’s best not to wear body care products such as moisturizer one day after depilation, because these products may stimulate the skin to avoid infection.
  7. Eat more fruits containing vitamin C, or eat vitamin C tablets directly. Vitamin C can improve skin resistance and reduce pigment production. Don’t eat irritating food.
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