How much does a diode laser epilator cost?

  The price of diode laser hair removal is now accepted by mid-sized spas, and diode laser is the dominant technology in the hair removal market. What is the price of diode laser epilator and how to choose a good diode laser? This article will give advice on a good diode laser.

  The principle of diode laser hair removal device

  The diode laser specially designed for permanent hair removal emits a wavelength of 808nm, which is absorbed by the melanin in the hair follicle, greatly reducing the absorption of water and hemoglobin. Treating the epidermis is safe and painless. During the process, laser pulses lasting a fraction of a second allow the hair to absorb energy and heat. When it gets hot, the hair shaft and bulb will be damaged, severely hindering its ability to regenerate. The 808nm wavelength is the gold standard for hair removal.

  Characteristics of a good diode laser

  A. High power brings effective effect.

  High-power diode machine, good hair removal effect. The VIVAL laser diode laser machine uses 10 laser rods, the unit power exceeds 2500w, and the maximum output energy density is 166J/c. High energy density laser hair removal is clearer.

  75nm/808nm/1064nm multi-wavelength is also optional. Different wavelength combinations make hair removal options more flexible.

  B. High frequency fast hair removal

  VIVALaser uses SHR and dynamic diode laser hair removal technology at frequencies up to 10 Hz. Saves a lot of treatment time. Diode laser hair removal is 2 to 3 times faster than traditional IPL. Dynamic SHR technology greatly reduces pain during treatment.

  C. Good cooling makes the treatment painless.

  A good cooling intensity is very important for hair removal treatment.

  VIVALaser developed the ice SHR hair removal technology on the basis of the SHR technology, and added the ice cooling head to the mobile phone to enhance the cooling effect.

  In addition, VIVALaser adopts TEC active cooling technology. Skate hair removal is really painless and comfortable.

  D. easy to operate

  A good diode laser interface should make hair removal treatment easy.

  The VIVALaser diode laser allows doctors to set treatment parameters based on skin type, body area and hair thickness.

  After the doctor selects these factors, the intelligent interface will recommend the parameters.

  Key Factors to Maximize Profits and ROI

  A. Short processing time and high energy intensity

  1-10Hz frequency and dynamic SHR technology ensure fast hair removal treatment. VIVALaser ICE SHR diode laser hair removal machine is 2 to 3 times faster than IPL machines.

  Saving time can help you receive more customers and bring more profits.

  The maximum energy of VIVALaser diode laser is 1-166J/cm (a total of 10 imported high-quality laser rods), and the powerful energy output makes hair removal treatment more effective. Clients are more satisfied with the results.

  B. Continuous working time exceeds 15 hours

  Working long stretches of time can help your spa or clinic keep running during working hours.

  VIVALaser diode laser adopts TEC active heat dissipation technology to improve the heat dissipation of the whole machine.

  TEC active cooling uses cooling plates and air compressors to dissipate heat from the machine in a very short period of time, so that the water circulation temperature of the machine is always kept below 40.

  C. Shorten the treatment time

  The diode laser epilator uses dynamic and crushed ice technology to permanently remove hair in just 3 to 4 sessions. Traditional IPL hair removal treatments require 6 to 12 sessions.

  The treatment interval is 3 to 4 weeks. Less treatment time results in happier clients and more profit for you.

  D. long life

  The long lifespan of your phone can save you a lot of money. As we all know, the main consumables and cost of laser machines are laser mobile phones.

  A laser cell phone with a long service life is cost-effective.

  VIVALaser diode lasers have a lifetime of more than 30 million cycles. We provide a one-year free warranty for the laser phone.

  During the warranty period, if there is any problem, we can replace the phone for you free of charge.

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