Six tips for buying laser tattoo removal

 Guide One, Q adjustment

  The technique used for tattoo removal treatment is called “Q-switching”. It produces a specific type of fast, powerful pulse that can crush tattoo ink without damaging the surrounding skin tissue. To learn more about the technical details of this advanced technology, please visit our Q On Laser Technology page.

  All other types of cosmetic lasers cannot safely and effectively remove tattoos-Q-switched lasers are the only proven method to remove tattoos safely and without leaving scars.

  There are two main types of Q-switched lasers on the market: passive Q-switched and active Q-switched. Passively Q-switched lasers generate energy pulses that can remove tattoos, but do not have the high-performance capabilities of larger active Q-switched laser systems.

  Passive Q-switched lasers are usually smaller, more portable, and more affordable, but they do not have the advanced power and features of active Q-switched models.

  ”The Astanza couple is an example of an active Q-switched laser-each pulse has a peak power of only 6000 picoseconds multiple times longer than competing active Q-switched laser systems. The high peak power of professional systems such as Duality can remove the most stubborn and difficult-to-treat tattoos on the skin.

  Guide Two, Peak Power

  Power is very important for obtaining high-quality tattoo removal results in every treatment. Some systems may provide enough fading for the first few treatments, but not enough power to decompose stubborn tattoo ink deep in the dermis of the skin. To avoid this problem, it is important to consider peak power when making a laser purchase decision.

  Peak power is the result of pulse width and energy-the smaller the pulse width, the greater the energy produced, and the higher the peak power. The higher peak power level allows the practitioner to treat the tattoo at a greater energy density without affecting the size of the laser treatment spot. All in all, peak power allows you to get better removal results, thereby increasing patient satisfaction.

  Both Astanza Couple and Astanza Eternal (paired together to make Astanza Trinity Tattoo Removal System), have high-level energy production and extremely short pulse width to achieve the best first-class peak power production. When making a laser purchase decision, be sure to consider peak power.

  Guide Three. Wavelength

  Different colors of tattoo ink absorb energy of different wavelengths-this means that tattoo removal practitioners will switch between different wavelengths of laser energy when dealing with tattoos. The ability to understand different wavelengths will greatly guide your choice of laser.

  There are three types of Q-switched lasers commonly found in the tattoo removal industry: Nd:YAG, ruby ​​and alexandrite.

  The laser of choice for most tattoo removal practitioners is the Nd:YAG laser, such as Astanza Duality, because it can generate the most versatile wavelengths: 1064 nm and 532 nm. The 1064 nm wavelength is a powerful tool for processing black, blue and other dark inks; the 532 nm wavelength is very effective for removing red, orange, pink and other bright colors. These two powerful wavelengths can completely remove 95% of tattoos.

  Elite practitioners who worry about the remaining 5% of tattoos usually invest in additional ruby ​​lasers (694 nm), such as Astanza Eternity or Alexandrite lasers (755 nm), to match their Nd:YAG lasers. Ruby and alexandrite have very similar wavelength functions and are well absorbed by difficult-to-handle ink colors such as lime green, blue-green, and turquoise.

  The Astanza Trinity System-which combines the versatility of neodymium: YAG laser, the unique features of the ruby ​​laser-is a powerful choice for clinics wishing to have the best two types of lasers. The important difference between Trinity and other multi-wavelength tattoo removal systems is that it has exceptionally powerful pulses for each wavelength. Be wary of the “cell phone filter” system, which touts additional wavelengths but cannot provide power.

  Guide Four. FDA Approval

  The US government considers laser tattoo removal to be a medical procedure. Therefore, laser equipment for tattoo removal is classified as a medical device and regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

  ”FDA approval means that this method of tattoo removal meets the agency’s requirements for safety and effectiveness,” an FDA representative said in their article on tattoo removal.

  If you have searched for lasers on the Internet, you may have seen machines for sale on eBay and other online trading sites. These lasers usually pride themselves on attractive prices, but don’t be misled—it is illegal in the United States to use equipment that is not approved by the FDA for tattoo removal. These lasers are usually made of low-quality materials, generate inconsistent energy and endanger the patient’s skin.

  The penalties for using medical devices that have not been approved by the FDA in the United States range from fines to imprisonment. In addition, any patient receiving unlicensed laser treatment has reason to take legal action.

  For all these reasons, if you are practising in the United States or Canada, please only consider legal, FDA-approved laser equipment from well-known laser companies such as Astanza. All Astanza laser systems sold in the United States are approved by the FDA. Learn more about Astanza’s full range of FDA-approved tattoo removal laser products.

  Guide Five. Laser Maintenance

  The advanced active Q-adjusted tattoo removal laser requires regular maintenance to achieve its best performance. These advanced laser systems have sophisticated technology and optical components that require regular cleaning, calibration and alignment. Without well-trained professionals for preventive maintenance and services, the power and efficacy of tattoo removal equipment will decrease over time.

  Because you may plan to have tattoo removal for many years in the future, it is very important to choose a laser supplier that can provide continuous service after the warranty period. After all, your tattoo removal laser is the cornerstone of your practice.

  Some laser manufacturers do not provide a la carte service, which means that if you do not extend the warranty contract, if your laser fails, they will not provide you with service. Similarly, second-hand laser dealers generally do not provide any maintenance or service support, and the original manufacturer of the system used may not agree to provide services.

  Unlike other manufacturers who either deceive customers with high contract costs, or neglect to provide responsive and high-quality technical support, Astanza supports our system and provides continuous service support by in-house expert and technical personnel. To learn more about Astanza’s fair and responsible service commitment to customers, please visit our technical support page.

  Guide Six. Training and Support

  Every laser buyer should consider two things when buying a laser: the quality of the laser system and the reputation of the laser manufacturer. When you buy a tattoo removal laser, you also have an ongoing relationship with the laser supplier; you want to make sure that they provide resources for your clinical operations to flourish.

  In-depth training is essential for any tattoo removal practitioner to feel confident when starting to treat patients. From evaluating tattoos to discussing aftercare, many details need to be understood to provide first-class services to your patients.

  Astanza provides comprehensive practitioner education for all customers. Train clients to learn extensive details about the science and practice of laser tattoo removal, providing them with the knowledge base when they begin to perform this lucrative procedure.

  In addition, effective marketing efforts are essential to the success of any tattoo removal operation. Even if the clinic has the best laser technology, it will not be profitable unless it attracts patients through marketing.

  Astanza has a customer marketing partnership program that provides expert marketing services and advice to those who add tattoo removal to existing practices or open new tattoo removal clinics. Our marketing services are the most comprehensive in the industry-from Google AdWords setup to website content writing-and are completely tailored to the needs of practitioners.

  Astanza provides more than just world-class laser technology-we provide an ongoing partnership to help you successfully remove laser tattoos.

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