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  bikini or Brazil 808 hair removal

  Like other body parts, 808 hair removal in the bikini part depends on factors such as skin tone, hair color, hair density and hair thickness. Your doctor will evaluate these factors to choose the laser system that is best for you. Clinics with good 808 hair removal experience can choose the most suitable light source or laser. In order to meet the needs of customers, PrettyLasers produces professional diode 808 hair removal machines. After about 5 treatments, 808 hair removal in the bikini area is relatively long-lasting, fast and requires no maintenance. Ingrown hairs are also reduced.

  How to make your bikini feel the best?

  PrettyLasers is the most trusted brand in the field of 808 hair removal and the number one choice in the United States. We are the national leader in 808 hair removal and have completed more than 6 million 808 hair removal treatments. It’s hard enough to be confident in your swimsuit without worrying about the extra stress of embarrassing shave bumps or scattered bikini hair. PrettyLasers gave the answer. We provide 808 hair removal machine. Our bikini line pubic hair removal machine is one of our most popular hair removal procedures. This area is one of the easiest and fastest to treat, and most laser procedures can be completed in just 20 minutes. Our 808 hair removal system can remove more or less hair according to your needs, while paying special attention to your comfort.

  Bikini 808 hair removal can reduce ingrown hairs and razor bumps

  808 hair removal in the pubic area has a significant effect and is widely sought after. When treating the bikini area, it may not only be a cosmetic issue. Folliculitis, infection, and hair follicle inflammation may often occur in this area. This can cause painful and itchy lesions. Inflammation can also cause skin darkening and secondary hyperpigmentation. Laser is very helpful in eliminating or reducing hair growth, as well as stopping or reducing recurrent folliculitis.

  808 hair removal can prevent subsequent skin darkening and folliculitis. Some lasers also help reduce persistent skin redness caused by folliculitis. They also help reduce hyperpigmentation. These are benefits that patients appreciate very much. It is indeed ideal to have a bikini area free of irritation, discoloration and hair.

  808 hair removal in the bikini area is effective

  There are other hair removal methods, such as applying hair removal cream, electrolysis and waxing. But they have limitations in terms of ease of use and effectiveness. Bikini 808 hair removal can permanently reduce most of the pubic hair area in four to six treatments. The process is also well tolerated and fast.

  If any hair is left after treatment, it is usually a very thin diameter. They pay little attention to cosmetics. Laser can also reduce the irritation of hair follicles. The 808 hair removal operation in the bikini area has been performed many times, and patient satisfaction is high.

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