How much does a laser tattoo cost?

  The price of laser tattoo removal is a question that many patients consult online. In fact, different medical institutions have different pricing standards, and it is difficult to give a unified overview. With the development of laser technology, laser tattoo removal is the best choice. Tattoo cleaning is usually laser treatment. The most advanced laser treatment machines are picoseconds and super picoseconds, which are very effective for tattoos.

  The price of tattoo cleaning will fluctuate significantly according to the size of the tattoo and different treatment methods. Tattoo cleaning is usually calculated per square centimeter based on the size of the area.

  So, I suggest that everyone think carefully before getting a tattoo, especially not to have multiple colors. Now, the tattoo washing machine is slightly easier to wash off black and blue than other colors. Yellow, green and red need to be removed multiple times. The more tattoos, the higher the price.

  In summary, the price of laser tattoo removal varies greatly in different hospitals, different regions, and different equipment. The laser tattoo removal effect is ideal, leaving no obvious scars, and large areas of dark patterns can be removed without damaging other skins.

  After the operation, keep the local skin dry and clean, apply anti-inflammatory ointment, and wear loose cotton clothes. Eat light food, don’t eat spicy food, eat more vegetables and fruits to promote skin recovery. Pay attention to rest and regular work and rest time. If a skin infection occurs, seek medical attention immediately.

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