The skin of people who can shed hair turns white. I regret not knowing it earlier.

  To solve everyone’s concerns, today we have compiled 6 common questions that everyone has about home hair removal devices. Next, we will ask experts to answer you.

  One, home hair removal device

  Can make the skin white?

  can make the skin whiter visually.

  Home hair removal device uses IPL multi-band composite light, which can hit the melanin in the hair follicles, and the hair follicles containing melanin are reduced. Visually, the skin can be whiter by one color. Therefore, after the hair removal, the skin will look much whiter than before. With the increase of the number of hair removal, the effect of hair removal will be more and more obvious throughout the body. If things go on like this, the skin will look whiter visually.

  Second, take off several times,

  Can hair become thinner and softer and grow more slowly?


  Laser irradiation with sufficient energy can cause different degrees of damage to the hair follicles. A part of the hair follicles are permanently destroyed at the beginning and stop the growth of hair; the other part of the hair follicles will shrink and form small cuì hairs; there are also some hair shafts and hair follicles. It cannot be completely destroyed in a short time, but the hair growth will be delayed, and the hair will be longer and thinner. Once the new hair grows 2~3 mm, it can be shed again, and the newly grown hair will be softer than before [1 ].

  As the hair removal cycle progresses, the hair growth rate will slow down. After repeated laser irradiation, the hair removal effect can be achieved.

  Three, home hair removal device

  Can achieve the effect of hair removal in a beauty salon?

  It is achievable if you insist on using it for a long time.

  Many people choose to go to beauty salons for hair removal because they want to enjoy the services of professionals. Of course, the cost is relatively high, and every time they go, they have to make an appointment and line up, which takes more time. But the home hair removal device can be operated by itself anytime, anywhere. Using the home hair removal device for a long enough time and enough times can eventually achieve the same hair removal effect as a beauty salon, but the hair removal cycle will be longer.

  Four, home hair removal device

  Will affect the normal function of sweat glands and sebaceous glands?

  Will not.

  Sweat comes from sweat glands and is discharged through sweat holes. Hair comes from hair follicles. The sweat glands and hair follicles are independent. Even if the hair follicles are destroyed, the human body can still perspire normally. The home hair removal device uses strong pulsed light to act on the hair follicles, which almost poses no threat to the sebaceous glands and will not affect the body’s perspiration effect.

  Five. I used a hair removal device,

  There is scaling phenomenon on the skin, is it an allergy?


  Skin desquamation is mainly caused by dry skin caused by light and heat. Dryness can cause skin desquamation, just like the phenomenon of desquamation due to dry skin in winter. In this case, you only need to do moisturizing care after hair removal. After depilation, you can also apply ice cubes to the surface of the skin to avoid light.

  Six. ​​Long-term use of the home hair removal device,

  Will accelerate the aging of the skin?

  Will not.

  Skin aging is mainly divided into photo-aging and natural aging. Photo-aging is mainly caused by ultraviolet rays. The light wave is mainly UVA with a wavelength of 320-420 nm. The photon wave band of a home ipl hair removal device is 550-1200 nm, excluding the UVA wave band. So it will not cause light aging. Natural aging is mainly a matter of time, a natural law and irresistible. In addition, bad lifestyle habits such as staying up late, smoking, and drinking alcohol can also accelerate the aging of the skin. However, long-term use of the hair removal device will not accelerate skin aging. Before and after use, do a good job of sun protection and moisturizing, and the skin will become better.

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