Photorejuvenation is a relatively elementary entry project for medical aesthetics. It can remove acne, freckle, whitening, redness, wrinkles, and improve skin texture. Loved by everyone. But with the rapid development of medical beauty technology, there are many beauty terms around us, such as OPT, DPL, BBL, so many people are confused and don’t know which is IPL. Which is OPT? Which is DPL and which is BBL? What’s the difference between them? One of the very important differences is that different manufacturers have different trademarks and different names.

  Laser diode-pumped solid-state lasers

  DPL: The full name is “Delicate Pulse Lamp”, also known as Precision Pulse Lamp. The current representative equipment is the Brilliant 360 of Israel Alma Laser Co., Ltd. In addition to the DPL mode, there is also the NIR infrared light wave mode (improving elasticity), which can solve blood vessel problems (red blood), facial flushing, acne marks), pigment problems (skin color) Dullness and unevenness), skin rejuvenation, skin texture improvement.


  BBL: Photorejuvenation Broadband Light, also known as BB light, is a photorejuvenation technology developed by the American Seaton Company. Just change the filter, you can change different special bands anytime and anywhere, concentrate energy, accurately and quickly solve multiple problems such as pigmentation, skin tightening, vascular aging, inflammatory acne and so on.


  OPT: The full name of optimized pulse technology, namely (perfect pulse technology), is an intense pulsed light launched by Lumenis Medical Company in the United States. There are currently three generations of musical instruments on the market: Wang Feng, Wang Xin (M22), and Wang Guan (M22 RFX). The energy peak of the treatment energy, that is, during the treatment process, several sub-pulses it sends out can achieve a square wave output.

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