How much is a 808 freezing point laser hair removal beauty instrument?

  808 semiconductor laser hair removal can solve the technical bottleneck of hair removal. First of all, the contact cooling technology used in instruments and hand tools can protect the epidermis from high temperatures and avoid the burns that we are most worried about. In fact, it is the freezing point hair removal technique we often say. 808 hair removal can intelligently adjust the energy level, and can ensure that the target tissue produces enough thermal coagulation, and the surrounding tissues are almost unaffected. In addition, such an appropriate energy density can ensure that sufficient energy output is provided in an appropriate time, which can ensure the efficiency of hair removal.

  808 hair removal beauty instrument has a wide range of applications, including cheek hair removal, lips hair removal, neck hair removal, back hair removal, breast hair removal, armpit hair removal, arm hair removal, bikini line hair removal and leg hair removal.

  808 hair removal beauty instrument features: large contact area of ​​hand tools for hair removal, high efficiency and fast speed of hair removal. The 808nm wavelength laser has strong penetrating power, so the hair growing in the hair follicles at different depths under the skin can absorb the energy emitted by the epilator, making the hair removal more thorough. With the characteristics of freezing point hair removal, the epidermis can be cooled instantly during hair removal, so the 808 hair removal beauty instrument can basically be painless.

  808 hair removal beauty device is effective for most people, but the effect is different for different people. If your skin is white, but your hair is darker and the color contrast is more obvious, then the hair removal effect will be very good. If your skin tone is darker, the effect of hair removal will be discounted. Generally, thinner hair, such as the lip hair of girls, will have a poorer depilation effect, because the laser light emitted by the instrument will be absorbed by melanin first. If the skin is darker, it will disperse the absorption of melanin into energy by the hair follicles, thereby weakening the depilation effect.

  There are many types of hair removal devices on the market. The 808 hair removal beauty device uses lasers and specific wavebands, so the hair removal effect is even better. However, doing a good job of laser equipment is actually a very challenging task. Only manufacturers with rich experience in the team can control the laser handle well. The 808nm band filter usually uses natural sapphire, which is relatively expensive. Therefore, the cost of the 808 hair removal beauty instrument is relatively high among various similar products.

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