Body beauty products, hair removal devices are popular

  Economic growth promotes changes in consumption concepts. Driven by the dual improvement of consumption power and willingness to consume, contemporary consumers, especially women, are increasingly pursuing beauty and development toward refinement and details. Smooth and flawless skin is a compulsory course for women, and the demand for hair removal is becoming stronger.

  Female body needs enlightenment, hair removal device products are relatively blank

  Previously, in the sub-field of hair removal, there were few products to choose from. Electric shavers have become the preferred hair removal tool for women, and they have developed rapidly because they combine the rigid requirements of men’s shaving and the soft requirements of women’s hair removal.

  According to data from Zhiyan Consulting, China’s electric shaver market has continued to grow since 2012. In 2018 and 2019, the market size has increased by more than 16% for two consecutive years; the latest report released by ovicloud shows that in the first half of 2021, electric shaver Sales on the knife online market increased by 17.4% year-on-year, reaching 3.64 billion yuan.

  At present, China’s electric shaver industry has entered a mature and stable stage, and the pattern of various brands is basically fixed. Although many manufacturers have poured into the electric razor track in recent years, according to corporate survey data, the total number of companies involved in electric razors in the industry has exceeded the total number of companies in previous years in the past five years. Since 2017, the head camp of the electric shaver industry is still dominated by foreign brands. According to ovicloud’s statistics, in the key promotion month of June 2021, Philips and Braun’s sales market share were 42.5% and 15.9%, respectively. Among domestic brands, Flying Branch is the most competitive, with a sales market share of 21.5%. The electric shaver industry has formed a competitive landscape in which three major brands dominate the market.

  With the rapid development of the electric shaver industry, problems have also emerged. Lack of product innovation is its biggest problem. In recent years, the leading brand Philips has been committed to the transformation of an enterprise in the electronic medical field, and there is insufficient research and innovation on the demand for female hair removal agents; another major leading brand, Flying Branch, has fallen into the disadvantage of re-marketing and re-development. According to its 2019 and 2020 annual reports, Flying Branch invested 389 million yuan and 420 million yuan to achieve sales respectively, accounting for 10.35% and 11.77% respectively. Although its R&D investment was only RMB 84.89 million and RMB 74.07 million, accounting for 2.26% and 2.08% of revenue, Feike’s low investment in research and development made its progress in product innovation slow.

  The lack of innovation in the two leading brands of electric razors has largely led to a lack of vitality in the overall market and cannot keep up with the rapid changes in consumer demand, especially the demand for female hair removal. At the same time, more and more manufacturers pay attention to the fine trajectory of hair removal, and more professional home hair removal devices have become the focus of widespread attention.

  With the prevalence of the “her economy”, the Internet has helped the rapid development of hair removal devices

  From beauty instrument brands ulike, jovs, smoothskin, beautigo, and ellkii, to Braun and Philips that extend from the razor field, to the comprehensive traditional home appliance brands Midea, Panasonic, and even the Internet brand Xiaomi, they have begun to exert their strength. Hair removal device field. Taking Taobao and Jingdong as examples, the number of brands searching for “hair removal instrument” was 100 and 389 respectively, and the number of products exceeded 8,900 and 9,300 respectively. The hair removal device market is showing a competitive situation in full bloom. Among many brands, the beauty instrument brand that focuses on hair removal is the most popular among consumers. Among the top ten products on the Tmall hair removal device V list, the beauty device brand occupies 8 seats, and the top 10 beauty device brands of the Jingdong hair removal device occupy 9 seats.

  The increased presence of major manufacturers has also promoted the growth of sales. During the Tmall 38 promotion in 2020, the sales of hair removal machines increased by more than 1140% year-on-year; in April 2021, a new hair removal product was launched in Luo Yonghao’s live broadcast room, with a single product sales exceeding 2.23 million; in the 618 promotion in 2021, hair removal Yiyi became the number one product in retail sales of Tmall and beauty equipment. This set of sales data intuitively tells us that the hair removal machine market has ushered in a period of vigorous development.

  The rapid growth of hair removal cream has entered a new era, and the hair removal device is no longer a single hair removal function. We can see that many brands are constantly researching the innovative selling points of hair removal devices, and there are endless hair removal devices with skin care and skin rejuvenation effects. At the same time, major brands are constantly exploring the emotional relationship with consumers, establishing brand images, and broadening the direction of the industry. The hair removal device has evolved from a functional product to a comfortable experience product for consumers who pursue a refined life. Both internal and external development, cultivating product quality functions, enhancing the value position of the industry, and bringing more benign development and broader opportunities to the hair removal machine market. Thanks to the joint blessing of internal and external factors, her “economy” is the internal driving force for the ever-increasing market demand. In recent years, the increase in women’s income has made them more independent in economic consumption. With women as the main consumer group, products with more differentiated needs and scenarios have become consumption trends and growth directions; on the other hand, the change in women’s aesthetic concepts has also changed from “please others” to “please yourself.” Women’s attention returns to themselves, striving for perfection to every detail. This also allows many manufacturers to see business opportunities.

  From the perspective of external factors, the special “home economy” of the epidemic has given a lot of room for development in the hair removal equipment market. Affected by the epidemic, women who went to hair removal in beauty salons in the past could only choose to do hair removal at home; at the same time, under the prevalence of the “lazy economy”, the more convenient and trouble-free operation mode of the epilator also brought consumers a comfortable experience. , Has promoted the healthy development of the epilator market.

  In addition to the above reasons, in the Internet age, the rise of the live broadcast industry and social platforms has also promoted the development of hair removal devices. Both Li Jiaqi and Wei Ya have sold epilators in their live studios. Their own traffic and physique propaganda not only sold out thousands of depilatory agents, but also spread the concept of depilatory agents widely among consumers. According to Wei Ya’s nearly 100 live broadcasts’ comments and hot word statistics, hair removal agents rank among the top 10 hot words and are a product with a high degree of fan attention.

  Obviously, major brands have also seen the dividend effect brought about by the rapid dissemination of Internet celebrities and celebrities, and have adopted grass marketing methods such as Internet celebrities and KOLs for word-of-mouth publicity and product promotion. Search for “hair removal device” in Xiaohongshu, and the content is as high as 90,000+. In the video about the hair removal device, the number of clicks for a single Douyin is as high as 1 million and 128,000. Behind these numbers are the increasing power of communication and accurate users. enter.

  Home hair removal device “beauty salon” urgently needs to establish a standard and standardized market

  In terms of use effect, it is different from other beauty instrument products, and the contrast effect can only be seen after long-term use. The hair removal effect of the current hair removal device is intuitively visible. Whether it is clean or not, the condition of the skin after depilation, etc. are all concerns of consumers. Previous depilation devices were mostly simple razor-style physical depilation, which only acted on the hairs on the surface of the human body, leaving stubble or even cutting the skin. However, with the advancement of science and technology, the home hair removal device in beauty salons has been developed in the direction of laser hair removal. Laser and freezing point home hair removal devices have become consumers’ first choice. They can not only remove hair on the body. The skin surface can also inhibit hair growth to a certain extent.

  However, it should be noted that although the working principle of the domestic hair removal device is the same as that of the hair removal device in the beauty salon, it is achieved by the principle of light and heat, but the domestic hair removal device reduces the energy consumption and ensures the hair removal effect. Consumers are safe to use. Therefore, there is still a gap between domestic hair removal devices and beauty salon devices in terms of inhibiting hair growth.

  Safety is also the most basic bottom line of a product. Although most epilator products on the market have quality assurance, there are still some low-end, low-quality products that disrupt the market. On the Black Cat Complaint Platform, there are 269 complaints about epilators, many of which are complaints about human injuries. Some users burned their skin during use, and some users experienced skin redness, swelling, and pigmentation after use. These issues are worthy of our deep consideration.

  At present, there is no universal industry standard in the field of home hair removal devices in China, which has caused individual companies to take advantage of the emptiness, causing harm to consumers and adversely affecting the market.

  Industry supervision is not something that can be accomplished overnight. It requires the joint efforts of relevant departments, leading companies and even distributors to complete product standardization and market supervision. Industry norms are the foundation, and functional innovation is development. Under the concept of consumption

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