Does picosecond laser tattoo removal really leave scars?

  picosecond laser is currently a hot medical beauty project. In addition to removing facial stains and tightening the skin, you can also wash tattoos.

  With the improvement of aesthetic tolerance, society’s tolerance for beauty is getting higher and higher. Many people choose tattoos in order to catch up with the trend when they are young. However, as these young people get older, their aesthetics will also change, especially when they are relatively stable in their middle age, so these people will want to wash off their tattoos.

  Laser tattoo removal is indeed the most commonly used method, especially the popular picosecond laser method, which is also called Ferrari in laser surgery.

  First of all, you can be sure that picosecond laser tattoo removal will not cause scars on the body. You can rest assured. Tattooing is an act that most people want to try when they are young, but many people don’t know how to do it. In fact, a tattoo is to stick the pigment into the skin through professional tools, usually in the dermis, so that it is well wrapped by the cells, and it can stay firmly in the skin to form the pigment.

  After the tattoo is completed, these pigments are invasive pigments to the human body, which are difficult to metabolize through the body’s normal metabolism, so they can only be removed by laser.

  In fact, picosecond laser tattoo removal is based on the different wavelengths of different lasers, which emit different forces on the surface of the skin. These pigment particles are crushed into tiny fragments by the force of the laser.

  When these pigment particles become fragments, scabs will form on the surface of the skin. In the later stage, the normal scab of the skin is removed, or with the blood circulation and cell metabolism in the patient’s body, these fragments will disappear, and the skin pigment metabolism will be well completed. The reason why the picosecond laser is called “Ferrari” in the laser field is because the picosecond laser cleaning tattoo will not only lighten the color of the tattoo, but also damage the patient’s skin tissue. Since even the skin tissue of the patient will not be damaged, there is no need to worry about leaving scars.

  After the above science popularization, I think everyone knows about picosecond laser tattoo removal and their confidence will be higher.

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