Can the tattooed eyebrows be washed off? It is recommended to wash again after one month!

  Eyebrow tattoos are more popular nowadays. After tattoos, they look very beautiful and usually save a lot of time for eyebrows. However, if the eyebrow tattoo is not good, it will be very troublesome. Some girls definitely want to wash it off immediately. But we all know that eyebrow tattoos are similar to tattoos. If the eyebrows have just been tattooed, the skin has been in contact with the eyebrow tattoo tools and is still in a sensitive period. Is it appropriate to wash them off immediately?

  In general, it is not advisable to wash off the newly tattooed eyebrows immediately. The skin that has just been tattooed on the eyebrows is more sensitive. If you wash it immediately, it is easy to damage the skin. In severe cases, it may cause skin ulceration. It is recommended to wash the eyebrows after a month. Normally, pay more attention to the cleanliness of the face, and remove water stains in time after washing the face to avoid the possibility of wound infection.

  How to wash off the eyebrows after a month?

  One alcohol cleaning

  If you want to wash off your eyebrow tattoos, it is recommended to do it after one month. Alcohol cleaning can be used. Alcohol is an organic solvent that can fully dissolve some lipophilic semi-permanent colorants. By dipping a cotton ball in an appropriate amount of alcohol and gently rubbing the area of ​​the eyebrow tattoos, the eyebrow tattoos can be effectively removed.

  Two laser eyebrow washing machine

  Laser eyebrow washing machine is also a good instrument. It uses instant high-energy laser to penetrate the skin of the eyebrows and break the pigment particles to achieve the purpose of washing the eyebrows. Using a laser eyebrow washing machine is very simple and quick, but it is still a little harmful to the skin. It is better to use alcohol to clean it. The parameters of the selected laser eyebrow wash equipment must be accurate, otherwise the laser wave energy is too long and too large and it is easy to burn the skin.

  Three high frequency ionizer

  This high-frequency ionizer requires local anesthesia on the eyebrow tattoos, and then uses the high-frequency ionizer to remove the already formed eyebrow tattoos. This method feels more troublesome, so it’s better to use a laser eyebrow wash machine directly!

  How to care after washing the eyebrows to help recover?

  1. Regardless of eyebrow tattooing or washing eyebrows, care for the wound should be paid attention to. It is best to avoid letting the wound come into contact with water, wipe it with less force, and touch it with your hands less often. It is necessary to wait for the scab to fall off naturally before it can be restored to its most natural state.

  2. It is equally important in terms of diet, it is best to avoid spicy food. For example, smoking and drinking, coffee and cola and other foods, it is best not to eat, otherwise it will affect the recovery of the wound or even affect the recovery effect.

  3. After washing the eyebrows, do less vigorous exercise to avoid the infection of the wound caused by sweat flowing to the eyebrows. If the wound appears red and swollen after washing the eyebrows, you must seek medical attention in time, or apply ice cubes.

  4. If the first eyebrow wash cannot be thoroughly cleaned, it is recommended to wait until the scar disappears before performing a second eyebrow wash.

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