How effective is the microneedle to remove acne marks?

  How is the effect of microneedle acne marks? There are many products about microneedles on a certain treasure, and the stores generally advertise that microneedles can remove acne marks. Many sister papers want to know whether Microneedle can remove acne marks after seeing the advertisement. Next, let us reveal the secret of the amount. Can microneedles remove acne marks~?

  How is the effect of micro-acne marks?

  There are two types of acne marks: red acne marks and black acne marks. Some people call the pits formed by squeezing acne as acne marks. Micro-needling therapy is only effective for acne marks with slight pits, but it is not suitable for removing black and red acne marks.

  Micro does not work against red acne marks.

  First of all, red acne marks are the result of acne inflammation and vasodilation, and are temporary erythema that will gradually subside. If you want to eliminate red acne marks as soon as possible, you must use pulsed light to shrink small blood vessels, use fruit acid skin care products for daily maintenance, and use allantoin and clindamycin to sterilize and reduce inflammation to achieve a faster elimination effect. Microneedling therapy works by stimulating the regeneration of skin collagen, but it cannot eliminate the inflammation and bacteria of red acne marks. Therefore, microneedling is not suitable for the treatment of red acne marks.

  Micro does not work against black acne marks.

  Microneedles cannot eliminate black acne marks. Another type of acne mark is black acne mark, which is a manifestation of pigmentation and dull skin after acne inflammation. If left unchecked, the black acne marks will gradually disappear over time. To remove black acne marks as soon as possible, using skin care products containing tranexamic acid, vitamin C and its derivative fruit acid to maintain and accelerate skin metabolism is the most effective way to remove black acne marks.

  Micropit targeting acne scars is the most effective.

  Micro-needle therapy can remove acne marks with slight pits. In conventional acne treatment, microneedles are often used to treat wavy pits. Wavy pitting is a kind of pitting that is not easy to repair. Microneedling can stimulate the regeneration of skin collagen and restore the acne face to its previous appearance. But for acne pits and deep ice cone acne pits that are shaped like train carriages, microneedle beauty is relatively small. It is recommended that those who love the other two types of acne pits use fractional laser or other cosmetic methods to remove acne pits.

  The principle of microneedle removal of bag marks

  The working principle of microneedles to remove acne marks is simply to insert a gold needle into the dermis of the skin. The energy released by the needle tip stimulates the reorganization and regeneration of collagen in the damaged part, so that the skin’s metabolic cells are rapidly renewed and pits. Naturally replaced by new collagen, the effect of disappearing is so great. Therefore, the microneedle has the function of removing acne marks, even after using the microneedle, the pores will become smaller.

  How long is micro-needling effective in treating depressed acne marks?

  In regular medical institutions, microneedles are used to treat pit-shaped acne marks, which usually have the effect of tightening pores within a week. After two microneedle treatments, the cavity acne marks will gradually fade, and at the same time, the effect of firming the skin, improving skin texture, and reducing wrinkles will gradually appear. The best effect of microneedling treatment for cavity acne marks will appear in 1-3 months. . Microneedles can not operate on their own to remove depressed acne marks.

  There are many micro-needle products in Moubao, but this kind of irregular product is not suitable for people who love beauty to treat acne marks by themselves. Because there is no professional disinfection measures, self-use micro-needle therapy can easily lead to skin sensitivity and inflammation. In addition, manual microneedles are inconvenient to control the depth and strength, and cannot achieve a better effect of removing pitted acne.

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