How about microneedle acne?

  In the summer, the acne problem of oily skin and acne-prone skin seems to become more serious. Many girls with acne-prone skin think of trying to get rid of the acne on the face. How is the effect of acupuncture for acne?

  Can microneedles treat acne?

  Microneedling can’t remove acne. Microneedle beauty is actually the best solution for acne scars and wavy acne pits. If the skin of a beauty lover is troubled by acne in the “growth period”, then microneedling cannot solve the problem. , Because the microneedle only promotes the regeneration of skin collagen, but can not eliminate the inflammation of the skin, it can eliminate acne at one time. For acne in the growth period, there are some methods such as red and blue light, brushing fruit acid, and strong pulsed light. It is not recommended to use microneedles for acne treatment.

  Which medical beauty methods can treat acne

  Red and blue light, brushing fruit acid can remove acne

  Solution range: bacterial infection, mild to moderate acne (acne)

  The combination of red and blue light can clear inflammatory and cystic acne, and improve the immune mechanism. The average clearance rate of acne is 82%, and there are almost no side effects. Red and blue acne treatment uses the effects of two kinds of light to eliminate acne. The principle of red and blue light is that red light can pass through the surface tissue of the skin and promote the secretion of collagen to remove acne marks and repair acne scars; blue light can kill Kill Propionibacterium acnes, regulate the immune system, effectively inhibit the secretion of sebaceous gland oil, and prevent recurrence.

  Laser and strong pulsed light can treat acne

  Solution range: clogged pores, moderate to mild acne

  The best choice for shrinking pores and removing moderate to mild acne is laser + strong pulsed light. The wavelength of the laser is single and precise. Through high-intensity irradiation, it quickly acts on Acne propionate, blocking the further development of acne and promoting acne. The wound healed as soon as possible, and the effect on acne pits was very good.

  The strong pulsed light emits strong light (including red, yellow and blue light) in a pulsed manner, which has obvious photothermal response and stronger penetrating power, allowing selective absorption of stains and blood streaks in the skin, removing redness, removing acne marks, and shrinking pores. The effect of regulating the balance of water and oil is obvious, which can relieve acne symptoms very well. At the same time, strong pulsed light can stimulate fibroblasts in the dermis, synthesize new collagen, and effectively remove scars.

  Ella photodynamic therapy can treat acne

  Solution range: severe acne, stubborn acne

  Ella is a light-sensitive drug (aminolevulinic acid). When applied to the skin, singlet oxygen is generated after photodynamic laser irradiation, which causes the growth and secretion of sebaceous gland cells to decrease, kills Propionibacterium acnes, and makes the diseased tissue fall off. The adjacent normal tissues are not affected in any way. However, sister paper with acne skin needs to pay attention to it, and people who are allergic to Ella cannot use it.

  Correct daily maintenance can eliminate acne

  Facial cleansing

  1. Doing more is worse than doing less, try to make less makeup, because incorrect makeup techniques can easily aggravate clogged hair follicles, aggravate acne or cause acne regeneration.

  2. Don’t excessively degrease, and don’t wash your face as dry as tires, so as to prevent the skin from becoming oily and dry inside;

  3. Choose facial cleanser and look at its ingredients. Those with a certain amino acid and a certain betaine are milder for the skin and suitable for most people’s daily use.

  4. For daily facial cleansing, you can choose warm water and running water for one or two minutes, and the intensity is light. Oily skin should be cleaned no more than twice a day, and other skins can be cleaned no more than once a day.

  5. Don’t squeeze the acne at will, try to use medical skin care products, so as to avoid the stimulation of the acne by external force, so as to avoid the formation of acne pits.

  Strengthen daily sun protection

  1. It is best not to be exposed to the sun during the day.

  2. When you go out, the sun protection equipment is configured (black sunscreen is the best and white is the worst).

  3. Put on sunscreen, but you need to pay attention to what you use is as important as how you use it. It is recommended that beauty lovers try to use sunscreen by patting instead of smearing, because evenly patting the sunscreen is more conducive to sunscreen formation and maintaining the sunscreen effect than applying the sunscreen.

  Eat healthy

  Eat a healthy diet, work and rest regularly, eat more fruits and vegetables, maintain smooth stools, and regularly replenish water. These measures can adjust the body condition to the best and avoid the growth of acne and new acne pits.

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