How to do repeatedly depilate divide endless?

  Now is the turn of summer and autumn, the weather in the south can not cool down. In this skin changing season, some women’s hair is darker and thicker, which causes a lot of minor annoyance for women. Is laser hair removal reliable? A few days ago, the expert of the seventh affiliated hospital of Sun Yat-sen University says, laser depilation method can cause hair follicle necrosis, the hair no longer grows, only to the hair of growing period is effective. And, the citizen is in the 2 weeks after using laser hair removal, must avoid sunshine illuminate to wait for nursing.

  Why are all kinds of depilation methods ineffective? According to the expert of the 7th affiliated hospital of Zhongshan university, depilate basically is to be aimed at the hair of growing period, grow the hair purify ceaselessly, make major hair is in retrograde period and rest period, achieve the goal of depilate thereby. For different people, the part of hair removal is different, generally speaking, is to want to “excess hair” off.

  Repeatedly get rid of how to do? Is laser hair removal reliable? Listen to the seventh hospital of Zhongshan experts say.

  As for the different targets of the above methods in hair, as shown in the picture, from left to right, they are the best targets for laser hair removal, tweezers, beeswax, hair removal cream and razor blade.

  Before tearing heart crack lung depilation method is not broken root! Laser depilation method uses the selective photothermal effect of laser, the laser that uses specific wavelength passes through epidermis, make the melanin in hair follicle absorbs laser selectively, produce heat effect thereby, make hair follicle necrotic, hair no longer grows.

  It only works on growing hair, so it usually takes 3-6 times to truly remove hair permanently.

  Laser hair removal is so good, can anyone do it? Experts say patients during labor and pregnancy; There are other skin diseases and infections with bacteria, fungi and viruses; Scar patients; It is difficult to judge the efficacy due to recent medication; Recent use of photosensitizer; Retinoids were taken 6 months before treatment; Recent 2 weeks have insolation history cannot do laser depilation.

  What to nurse after laser treatment point?

  1. After laser hair removal, absolutely avoid the sun within 2 weeks, do a good job of sun protection.

  2. After other hair removal, you can clean it with clean water, and then spray it with anti-allergy moisturizing spray or mineral water containing aloe vera or soothing gel, so that your skin can soothe and moisturize.

  3. After hair removal, moisturizer must be light and light.

  4. Skin care products with whitening effects will be suspended after hair removal.

  5. Try not to use hot water for hair removal. Warm water is fine, but don’t take the sauna for 24 hours.

  6, within 24 hours, try not to swim, the water quality of the pool is not good, it is easy to infection, and do not sunbathe.

  Depilate period is 1-2 months commonly, different place hair grows speed is different. Hair removal only works on growing hair. Therefore, in some cases, extended treatment intervals may be required during the later stages of hair removal if the hair has not grown within a month. If you do laser hair removal, be sure to read the contraindications carefully. Do not expose yourself to sunlight after laser hair removal. The public needs to plan their time before treatment.

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