Can laser tattoos be cleaned?

  Laser tattoo cleaning is a complicated problem, because with the development of technology, the composition of tattoo dyes becomes more and more complicated. If the early tattoos were just black tattoos with ink components, they could basically be removed with lasers. However, with the continuous increase in the number of color tattoos, the material composition inside is very complex. In addition to carbon powder, there may be other polymer materials that directly determine the effect of the tattoo treatment.

  In two ways, there are colors, such as yellow, which may contain iron. This color is difficult to handle. Another reason is that because the material is a polymer material, the laser cannot completely decompose it, so there is no way to remove it with the original laser. So be careful when getting tattoos. The more professional and colorful the tattoo, the more likely it will not be completely removed. Need to judge whether the doctor is possible to completely remove it.

  Tattoos consist of piercing dyes of different colors into the skin, but there are various patterns. There are several problems with tattoos: acupuncture needles are not a person’s needles, so they carry some microorganisms, which may be the source of infectious diseases.

  Pierce the dye into the skin. The dye is also a foreign body. When entering the body, some people react strongly, which may cause foreign body reactions, or local acupuncture may cause scars after trauma, and some patients will see scars on the tattoo.

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