What’s the matter with the dot matrix laser machine? How much does fractional laser treatment cost?

  Fractional laser is a skin beauty technology, and the general price ranges from 2000-6000. Of course, every city will have some differences.

  This is a laser firing mode. Special image generators are installed in the lattice lasers, which change the pattern of light emission. Different from the traditional large-spot laser, the ordinary laser produces a large flashlight-like spot, which is harmful to the skin tissue and is prone to scarring. The laser light emitted by the fractional laser therapy device is as thin as a hair and arranged in a matrix. These beams can directly penetrate the dermis layer, causing thermal damage to the dermis layer, causing the degradation of scar tissue, initiating post-injury repair mechanisms, and increasing collagen synthesis, thereby achieving the effect of firming the skin and improving large pores and fine wrinkles.

  The laser dot matrix is ​​mainly used for skin treatment. Indications include pore shrinkage, acne pits, acne scars, fading and spot reduction, surgical scars, trauma scars, burn scars, etc. The treatment effect is good. Generally speaking, the skin improvement of beauty seekers generally requires 3-4 treatments, and the interval between each treatment needs to be determined according to the skin condition.

  Strict care is required after fractional laser surgery. Erythema and burning sensation may last for 2 days, scabs begin 1-2 days after treatment, and return to normal in about 7 days. Postoperative ice compresses can relieve erythema symptoms. Do not swim, shower, sauna, etc. Avoid sun exposure until the scab falls off after surgery. Let the crusted skin fall off on its own, do not scratch it with your hands to avoid bacterial infection. Strict sun protection is required after surgery, otherwise there is a risk of hyperpigmentation.

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