Can the tattoo be completely removed?

  With the development of science and technology, lasers have gradually entered people’s lives and are widely used in science and technology, medicine, industry, communications and other fields. We are familiar with: optical fiber communication, laser welding, laser embroidery, laser ranging, laser radar, laser beauty, etc. But what we are going to test today is that tattoos can be removed by laser pressure. As we all know, tattoos are difficult to remove completely. How effective is the laser removal? We asked a volunteer to partially remove his tattoo to verify the effect.

  After cleaning the lower part of the volunteer’s arm tattoo with laser therapy, the skin of the tattooed area was slightly red, leaving only a very shallow mark on the tattooed area. Therefore, if some tattoos are to be completely removed, more than one treatment is required. In fact, the principle of laser tattoo removal is that the laser acts on the affected area. Without causing skin burns, the pigment particles are broken into fine particles, which are gradually discharged from the urinary system through blood circulation, and the active tissues of the skin will not be damaged. For some old-fashioned eyebrows, if they change color over time, they can also be removed with a laser.

  Of course, besides laser, there are other tattoo removal methods, either chemical corrosion, or microdermabrasion, or skin surgery, and freezing. Including laser removal, there are varying degrees of pain, and some methods can cause damage to the dermis of the skin.

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