What you must know about laser tattoo removal machine

  Have you ever made the ancient mistake of tattooing a partner’s name on your skin? Or maybe the cheap tattoos you got at Mark’s bachelor party are starting to bother you. Either way, you may be interested in laser tattoo removal.

  In this guide to the best laser tattoo removal machine, there is a simple buyer’s guide to help you determine if this is the right choice. We also collected some tips on what to look for when buying a laser tattoo removal machine.

  Before we delve into it, you need to decide whether the removal of tattoos should be done by a professional or by yourself.

  Professional laser tattoo machine operators have seen all this. Therefore, embarrassment should not be the deciding factor! Even if your tattoo design is embarrassing or location awkward, you should not be afraid to book a meeting at a tattoo removal clinic.

  believe us, they may have seen a lot of bad things.

  Here are the basic pros and cons that you should consider.

  One. The advantages of laser tattoo removal at home

  may be cheaper than having multiple meetings with professionals,

  is more convenient than going to the clinic (especially during the COVID-19 pandemic),

  is less invasive than surgical removal of tattoos.

  Two. Disadvantages of household laser tattoo removal

  more painful (professionals can use cold air to numb the discomfort),

  It takes time to learn how to use the machine,

  Once your tattoo is removed, you no longer use the machine.

  Three. Laser Tattoo Removal Machine Selection Guide

  If you plan to continue buying laser tattoo removal machines, here is the ultimate buying guide. Read now to understand what you are looking for, and then add it as a bookmark for later use. It is helpful to refer to it when shopping.

  Four. How effective is laser tattoo removal?

  Laser is not the desktop cutting, high-power laser of James Bond as you imagined. In fact, it is closer to the size of the tattoo gun that got you into trouble in the first place!

  If you use IPL treatment to remove body hair at home, you will feel more familiar with laser tattoo remover.

  These lasers produce short pulses of light of different wavelengths. When these light waves are directed at your tattoo, they will penetrate the skin and be absorbed by the ink. The light breaks down the ink into smaller particles, which are gradually eliminated by the body and immune system.

  The key word here is gradual. Often multiple treatments are required, especially if the tattoo is large. It also depends on the color of the ink. Different colors require different wavelengths because colors absorb light in different ways. Yellow, green, and blue inks are usually the most difficult to remove, while black and red are the easiest to remove.

  This means that the bigger the tattoo, the richer the color and the more complex it is, the more times you will need to remove it at home.

  As for the operation itself, most people describe it as uncomfortable rather than painful. It will depend on your own pain threshold, but if you survive the tattoo from the beginning, you will be fine!

  Although old laser tattoo removal machines and surgical removal options may damage your skin, laser tattoo removal is safer and is unlikely to leave permanent damage. The first treatment may take about a week to heal, but subsequent treatments will take less and less time. Eventually, the tattoo will fade completely.

  Five, important factors to consider

  Just like buying a new laptop or mobile phone, you need to spend some time checking the functions of the device, not just admiring its appearance! These are the factors you should pay attention to when buying a laser tattoo removal machine.

  1. Single-purpose and multi-purpose machines-you may come across many machines that advertise different functions. This does not necessarily indicate that the tattoo removal machine is fake. In fact, laser technology for tattoo removal is also very effective for other types of skin conditions and pigmentation. In any case, it is best to choose a tattoo remover that is specifically designed and/or tested for tattoo removal, so that you know it is effective.

  2. Laser technology

  There are two types of laser technology that can effectively remove tattoos. If the tattoo remover does not clearly state what it uses, then avoid using it!

  Q-switched laser technology is the older of the two. The most common type is the Nd:YAG laser, which usually provides a wavelength of 1064nm, which is very suitable for removing black and blue tattoo inks. Nd: YAG laser can also be set to switch the wavelength to 532nm, which is better for red ink and other warm colors.

  Another laser tattoo remover we recommend is picoseconds. They are faster and more modern than Q switches (which is why they tend to be more expensive). Picosecond lasers work in the same way as Q-switched lasers, but they provide a wider wavelength range and run faster at higher energy levels. This makes sessions faster and can even reduce the number of sessions required to remove old, bushy tattoos.

  3. Wavelength, pulse and energy

  We just talked about wavelength, but this is an important thing to consider. If your tattoo only contains black ink, you need to use a laser with a wavelength of 1064nm. If your tattoo contains multiple colors, you will need a tattoo removal laser that can switch the wavelength to warm sunset colors at 532nm and green and blue at 755nm.

  Pulse is the “lens” of light. If you have a 3-pulse setting, each time the laser is fired, it will fire 3 times. The hertz of a machine refers to the speed at which it can emit pulses.

  Finally, there is energy. This will be in units of j/cm2 or mj, so look for these numbers when comparing machines. The higher the energy, the more aggressive (and therefore efficiency) the machine is. But this is also determined by the spot size.

  The spot size is the area irradiated by the laser. A larger spot size will target more tattoos in each pulse… but generally, the tattoo removal laser will have the same energy level. Therefore, by increasing the spot size, you can spread the energy to a wider area. Therefore, its effect is poor.

  In terms of energy and spot size, the best tattoo removal laser has the highest energy level at the maximum spot size setting.

  4. Other matters needing attention

  Ease of use-buying a technical tattoo removal laser used by professionals sounds great, but what if you don’t know how to use it? Ease of use is an important consideration. You don’t want to waste money buying a laser tattoo removal machine that you can’t actually use!

  Carefully check customer reviews to understand its ease of use, and contact the manufacturer for detailed instructions and instruction manuals.

  Cost-The cost will vary depending on the brand, power and scope of the laser machine. The small laser tattoo remover used to remove eyebrow tattoos will be much cheaper than the professional, clinically standard large tattoo remover!

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