The working principle of the intelligent hair removal device

Everyone will have armpit hair. This is a manifestation of manliness for men, but it will affect the perception of women. As we all know, women have a heart for beauty, and women’s armpit hair will be shaved. However, it is difficult to remove hair with ordinary shaving scissors. It requires a professional intelligent hair removal device to remove hair. Therefore, there is a development program called the intelligent hair removal device. Let us introduce the development of our company. Introduction to the function of the smart hair removal device development program!

  One. The working principle of the intelligent hair removal device:

  Different from the male shaver, the epilator does not use a sharp blade to shave off the body hair, but uses a “clip” to pull out the body hair by the roots. The epilator uses several high-speed rotating pinch wheels to pull out hair as short as half a millimeter by the root. The effect is lasting and thorough, and the skin can remain smooth and smooth for up to four weeks.

  Two. Features of Intelligent Hair Removal Apparatus:

  1. Epilators generally have two speeds to choose from, which can adjust the epilation speed for thin and thick hair;

  2. Very short hairs can be plucked, hair roots as short as 0.25 mm can be plucked, the effect is lasting and thorough, and the skin can be kept smooth for three weeks;

  3. Most of the epilators on the market adopt the latest international popular rubber anti-skid technology, which has a better hand feeling;

  4. Hair removal is more thorough than ordinary shaver.

  Three, the advantages and disadvantages of the intelligent hair removal device:

  Advantages: Concentrate the laser hair removal or photon hair removal together in an electronic instrument, which is convenient and fast to operate, does not cause damage to the skin, and can be used at home. And after persistent use, the body hair will grow longer, slower and thinner.

  Disadvantages: The use process requires some patience, and at least one week, as long as one month, in order to obtain the ideal hair removal effect.

  The above is the functional characteristics and introduction of the development plan of the intelligent hair removal instrument

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