What is CO2 Fractional Laser Therapy?

  What is carbon dioxide fractional laser therapy instrument? In fact, fractional laser technology is the theory of fractional thermal decomposition of optical experts from Harvard University. It is a minimally invasive technology. The advantage of the fractional laser is that it not only reduces the shedding light, but also retains the efficacy of the fractional laser. The laser lattice can instantly vaporize the skin tissue and send collagen synthesis signals to the skin, thereby restoring skin elasticity.

  The laser range of the dot matrix:

  1. Removal: When we reach a certain age, the collagen in the skin will be lost, the brick wall structure will collapse, resulting in loose skin. Fractional laser can improve this problem very well.

  2. Remove stretch marks;

  3. Improve the apparent sagging and thinning of the skin;

  4. For some proliferative diseases, such as pigmented moles, there are various warts, flat warts, common warts, sweat ducts, etc.;

  5. Pigmentation;

  6. Improve skin pores, etc.;

  7. For blood vessels, especially cherry-shaped blood vessels, lattice operations can also be used;

  8. And the improvement of scars;

  9. The fractional laser has its own private mode, which can be used to do some private rejuvenation projects.

  Advantages of laser dot matrix:

  1. More user-friendly: Due to the adjustability of the fractional laser, the size and diameter of the treatment hole can be modified according to the different conditions of the individual skin, and the one that is more suitable for you can be selected;

  2. Reliable and effective: Fractional laser has passed reliable certification and is treated by professional doctors. Experienced doctors can bring you reliable and effective treatment based on previous clinical techniques;

  3. Small wound and fast healing: Because the beam of the fractional laser is very small, the wound caused by the fractional laser is easy to heal, and the spots are not overlapped by evenly smearing, so the skin can quickly self-repair when it is applied on the face for many times;

  4. Short recovery period: In the early beauty projects, the recovery period of the Eurostar fractional laser is shorter. It only takes 3-6 days to complete the process of scabbing and peeling off, naturally repairing the appearance of the skin.

  The difference between traditional laser skin regeneration and fractional laser:

  1. Traditional laser: peel off a large piece of skin at one time, and grow a new layer of skin to replace it through the regeneration function of the skin itself, so as to achieve the purpose of beauty. The main disadvantages are that the operation is painful, the probability of infection is high, the postoperative rest time is long, and the probability of abnormal pigmentation after the eschar falls off is high. Improper operation is easy to fall;

  2. Dot matrix laser: The laser is divided into many micro lattices, and only these dots are peeled off or cured in each treatment. Most areas remain normal. Therefore, the recovery is fast and the safety is high.

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