Do you know CO2 fractional laser

  Do you know about CO2 fractional laser? CO2 fractional laser as a skin beautification project, I believe that many consumers have already experienced the excellent treatment effect of fractional laser. However, the principle of CO2 fractional laser treatment and the precautions after treatment are still there. Many people don’t understand it too well, so let’s learn it with those who seek beauty.

  In clinical treatment, CO2 fractional lasers can solve many skin problems for us. CO2 fractional lasers with different wavelengths can be used for treatments such as freckle and wrinkle removal. CO2 fractional lasers with longer wavelengths can deeply act on the dermis. Stimulates the proliferation of collagen in the dermis to achieve skin rejuvenation and promote skin healing. In the treatment of skin rejuvenation with CO2 fractional laser, one treatment can be equivalent to the effect of three or four times of color light rejuvenation. CO2 fractional laser is a new type of laser technology based on the principle of focal photothermal action. During the irradiation process of CO2 fractional laser, the laser creates many micro treatment holes in the skin tissue, so it is called CO2 fractional laser. The principle of CO2 fractional laser is completely different from the previous exfoliative abrasion and non-exfoliative skin rejuvenation. With the establishment and further clinical application of this new technology, the effect of CO2 fractional laser may make us avoid both exfoliation The adverse reaction of the abrasion technique overcomes the weakness of the non-exfoliative skin rejuvenation technique, thereby establishing a safe and efficient skin rejuvenation section.

  Under normal circumstances, we all know that the scars of our skin are mainly due to the depth of the damage. If the dermis is destroyed, the skin tissue lost from the trauma will be replaced by scars; but in daily life, some traumatic surfaces Small wounds do not form scars on the skin. The germinal tissue in the skin tissue can repair the wounds without leaving any scars. Small tissue damages are not replaced by scar tissues, but normal tissues fill the damaged areas. Among them, the CO2 fractional laser is a good way to activate the regeneration of new tissues of skin tissues and fill the wound surface.

  Precautions after CO2 fractional laser treatment, due to the unique emission mode of fractional matrix, after treatment, CO2 fractional laser has no side effects. Generally, normal sun protection is enough; in the precautions, we need to remind everyone. Yes, not everyone can receive CO2 fractional laser treatment. Some people who are sensitive to laser or malignant skin diseases cannot receive CO2 fractional laser treatment.

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