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  What is a carbon dioxide lattice laser?

  The most effective way to treat acne pits is the co2 machine. The carbon dioxide laser uses a scanning lattice pattern to emit lasers that are arranged in a matrix as thin as a hairline, which is similar to a gauze pattern and strikes the skin. In this way, the skin between the dots is normal, which can ensure the depth at the same time. The skin can be repaired quickly without side effects.

  The laser facial rejuvenation machine is the gold standard for laser skin repair and reconstruction. It has brought breakthroughs to patients with various scars. It can improve the texture and smoothness of acne scars, trauma scars, and surgical scars. It can also be used for firming and youthfulness. Skin changes include large pores, fine wrinkles, and loose skin. Generally, through 3-5 treatments with an interval of about 3 months each time, the degree of improvement can generally reach 40%-80%.

  Is there any reaction after CO2 laser treatment?

  First of all, there will be mild to moderate pain during treatment, and the pain will be relieved by external application of anesthetics, which can generally be tolerated

  Secondly, there will be light yellow exudation on the skin immediately after treatment, and many people will think that it is an infection, but it is just the tissue fluid of the skin.

  After co2 laser medical treatment, there will still be a sensation of throbbing pain. Generally, it will be relieved within 1-2 hours. Try to avoid touching water within 3 days. Antibiotic ointment should be applied to prevent infection. Of course, mild care can be taken with sterile saline. Afterwards, there will be a thin layer of brown or black scabs resembling a grid. In fact, many people do not realize the scabs, and they feel peeling when washing their faces 7-10 days later.

  At this time, sun protection becomes your top priority. Strict sun protection can effectively reduce the occurrence of pigmentation!

  A small number of people will develop acne-like rash after co2 fractional laser treatment, and even induce acne recurrence, so be sure to ask a professional doctor to help you decide the treatment!

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