The magical CO2 fractional laser

  Who are the suitable treatment groups for ultra-pulse CO2 fractional laser?

  The first type: skin aging caused by aging, especially changes related to sun exposure. As we age, our skin will become more and more loose; as we receive the increase in the amount of sunlight, the skin will experience various changes that are worse than laxity, such as: wrinkles, pigment damage and blood vessel abnormalities. These changes can be treated by ultra-pulse CO2 fractional laser.

  The second type: scars formed by various reasons. Ultra-pulse CO2 fractional laser can improve almost all types of scars, regardless of whether the scar is deep or shallow, with or without plain color abnormalities, acne scars, trauma scars, surgical scars, etc. can be treated.

  The third type: cellulite, stretch marks, warts, moles and many other skin problems.

  The principle of ultra-pulse CO2 fractional laser skin resurfacing

  Ultra-pulse CO2 fractional laser is a minimally invasive fractional laser treatment technology, which uses CO2 lasers that are as thin as hair and arranged in a matrix to instantly vaporize the tissues at wrinkles or scars; it can penetrate directly into the dermis Layer, start the tissue repair mechanism, so as to achieve skin reconstruction and scar repair.

  Precautions for ultra-pulse CO2 fractional laser skin resurfacing

  Generally, a recovery period of 5-7 days is required after the operation. The recovery time is related to the individual’s skin condition and the level of laser energy.

  Fractional laser will damage the keratin to a certain extent. When the stratum corneum is incomplete, the skin is prone to sensitivity. It is manifested in that the skin becomes drier, and it is even intolerant to environmental factors such as sunlight, wind, temperature changes, and external cosmetics.

  After the operation, we must avoid ultraviolet rays, and use high-power sunscreen to strengthen the sun after the scabs fall off.

  Do not participate in strenuous exercise during the healing period, so as not to sweat too much and prolong the recovery period. In about 3-6 days, the scab at the small white spots fell off and the skin returned to its normal appearance. However, the internal collagen regeneration can take up to 6 months or even 6 years.

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