The ultimate guide to IPL hair removal

  In recent years, home-use ipl hair removal machines have made great progress. Advances in technology mean that you can now achieve the same results as time-consuming (and lengthy) salon courses without leaving the bedroom.

  Although we are now happy to adopt a very relaxing method of hair removal, after all, body hair is completely natural, and there is nothing wrong with shaking it. If you are thinking about depilating your body, then IPL is worth it. (Because to be honest, we welcome any beauty done in front of Netflix)

  So, what exactly is an ipl hair removal device? Is the hair removal method suitable for you? Maybe you prefer an epilator or electric shaver? Here, we reveal everything you need to know before considering a purchase.

  What is IPL?

  IPLpermanent hair removal machine stands for intense pulsed light. This is a type of light therapy and one of the most advanced methods for removing unwanted body hair.

  How does IPL work?

  “IPL hair removal aims to help break the hair growth cycle by targeting the roots or follicles,” explains Emily Buckwell, a product expert at “Light energy is transmitted through the surface of the skin and is absorbed by the melanin in the hair shaft.” Once absorbed, this light energy will be converted into heat below the surface of the skin, which will deplete the hair follicles and prevent further growth. The treated hair will naturally fall out within a few days (some people may take up to two weeks).

  Laser hair removal and ipl hair removal machine

  IPL is often combined with laser hair removal, but in fact it is completely different.

  Philips Consumer Marketing Manager Jess Gregory explained: “Laser hair removal uses a monochromatic laser, while IPL uses a broad-spectrum light pulse. Professional laser treatments are high-energy and concentrated in selected areas,” she said. Simply put, lasers use a single, concentrated light, while IPL uses a wider spectrum. She added: “Laser hair removal has many names, but it is important to understand that IPL is not a laser.

  So, why are the two usually confused? This really has something to do with the result: Both methods target the melanin in the hair follicles, which can provide smooth skin for a long time. Although laser hair removal may be a considerable investment, it is usually much cheaper to do IPL in a salon, and it can be done safely at home (more details will be given later).

  Is IPL permanent?

  Gregory confirmed: “Even laser treatment cannot guarantee complete and permanent hair removal.

  Currently, the only way to permanently remove hair is through a process called electrolysis. But IPL provides permanent hair loss, which means that if maintenance treatment is continued, the hair will stay in the bay.

  Which skin types can I try IPL?

  It is important to remember that IPL is not suitable for all skin types and complexions. Gregory said: “IPL is only effective for natural dark blonde, brown and black hair and skin tones ranging from very pale to dark brown. “This is because there needs to be enough contrast between the skin and hair color for the device to pick up the hair follicles. IPL is also not suitable for white, gray and ginger hair. “

  In addition, some skin tones are incompatible with IPL treatment. Deep skin (above Fitzpatrick level) should avoid using IPL hair removal, because more melanin in the skin will be absorbed by light, which may cause damage.

  In short, the best candidates for IPL will have pale skin and contrasting dark hair. If you are not sure, don’t worry, because many of the best IPL devices today have built-in security features, which can reduce any guesswork.

  How to use home ipl hair removal laser machine equipment

  Of course, every IPL device comes with a Bible-sized manual. Yes, you must read it in its entirety.

  But, generally speaking, you need to shave your beard with a razor in advance, and then just press your device against your skin and it will glow. As for the pain? Not bad: think of fast elastic bands, you are in the right area.

  usually has a treatment period of up to 12 weeks, which requires you to make the right commitment, and then replenish it about once a month.

  Best domestic IPL equipment

  There are a few things to consider when choosing the best ipl laser hair removal machine for you, because not all devices are created equal. First, it is the number of flashes that the device can provide. “A lot of devices are equipped with a large number of flashlights, but if your budget is limited, you can choose fewer flashlights, of course you can still treat the whole body,” Backwell said.

  If you get bored easily, a quick response device will prevent you from losing interest during travel. However, if speed is not the most important thing (let’s face it, you have time now), then it may be worthwhile to choose a more powerful device rather than a faster one. For all the details about the best IPL equipment selection, please contact us.

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