The difference between 808 laser hair removal device and OPT hair removal device in beauty salons

  OPT hair removal device is an intelligent, non-exfoliative skin reconstruction system integrating epidermal cooling technology, pulsed light technology and RF radio frequency technology. The working principle is the same as that of freezing point hair removal. It adopts the selective photopyrolysis principle of patented strong pulse light source, and uses the absorption of specific wavelength of light by the melanocytes in the hair follicle to generate heat and selectively destroy the hair follicle.

  808 Semiconductor Laser Hair Removal Apparatus is abbreviated as 808 Hair Removal Apparatus. It outputs a continuous laser with a wavelength of 808nm, which can effectively penetrate the target tissue (hair papilla), so that the hair falls off and loses the ability to regenerate, achieving the purpose of relatively permanent hair removal. Moreover, the thermal damage caused by the laser in this waveband will hardly affect the surrounding tissues. The 808 laser hair removal device uses the sapphire epidermal cooling system, and the skin feels cool during treatment. It is a true painless permanent hair removal device.

  The difference between the two:

  Both are air-cooled, water-cooled, and semiconductor refrigeration methods. However, OP hair removal uses dual wavelength cut-off technology: 640nm-950nm, 530nm-950nm to make the effect more precise. Among them, 640nm-950nm is used for hair removal; 530nm-950nm is mainly used for whitening and rejuvenating skin, removing spots and acne, removing red blood streaks, and assisting breast enhancement.

  The 808nm laser emitted by the 808 hair removal instrument directly acts on the melanin in the hair matrix of the target tissues, heating the hair follicles to above 75°C, and the hair follicles become inactive when heated, so as to achieve the purpose of permanent hair removal without harming normal skin tissues, and the hair removal effect is better. good.

  In general, the 808 laser hair removal device is a special hair removal device, and its hair removal effect is naturally better than other hair removal techniques

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