Can microneedles get rid of acne pits? Wave-shaped acne pits are best treated with microneedles.

  Can microneedling machine remove acne? The puberty acne has been cured, but Mushroom Coolie found that the color marks and uneven acne pits left by the acne can be wiped off with expensive serum. It is said that microneedles can remove acne pits. So today we will take a look at whether microneedles can remove acne pits.

  Can microneedles go to acne pits?

  Microneedles can remove acne pits, but there are many types of acne pits. Generally speaking, the microneedle treatment of wave acne pits is more effective. If it is box-shaped and ice-cone-shaped acne marks, no matter how the microneedles are processed, they cannot be removed. The microneedle size required for microneedle acne pits is generally 1.0 mm microneedles, and Amy Baby should pay attention to distinction when choosing.

  It is worth mentioning that the micro-needle acne must be treated by a professional doctor in a regular hospital. It is not allowed to operate the micro-needle acne at home, because privately operating the micro-needle acne is likely to cause facial bleeding, microbial infection and other problems.

  Micro-needle acne pits are best for wavy acne pits.

  micro needling machine and skin care can remove acne pits. In conventional acne treatment, microneedles are often used to treat wavy acne pits. Wavy acne pits are not too difficult to repair. We can use microneedles to stimulate the regeneration of skin collagen and restore the acne face to its previous appearance. But for acne pits and deep ice cone acne pits shaped like train carriages, the cosmetic effect of microneedles is relatively small. It is recommended that the other two types of acne marks should be used by those who love beauty to use dot-matrix laser or other cosmetic methods to remove acne marks.

  Microneedle acne pits are best used several times.

  Generally, micro-needling is effective for removing acne pits at one time, but if it is severe wavy acne skin, one-time micro-needling cannot completely remove acne marks. For skin with many acne pits, usually 3-5 times of microneedling treatment. However, the acne marks of each subject are different, so the number of times needed for microneedles to remove acne is also different. Generally speaking, the specific number of micro-needle acne pits can only be determined after face-to-face consultation with the beauty-loving person and the doctor.

  How long does it take for microneedle to remove acne pits?

  Micro-needle acne pits generally do not work immediately, and it takes 28 days to take effect. This is because the micro-needle acne pits rely on the new collagen of the skin to achieve the effect. The skin metabolism cycle is 28 days, so it usually takes 28 days to see the best acne effect after the micro-needle acne pits are completed.

  How long can the micro-needle acne effect last?

  The use of rf fractional micro needle to remove wavy acne pits can theoretically be permanently maintained, but the prerequisite for the permanent effective removal of acne pits with rf fractional micro needles is that there is no new acne. In addition, people who love beauty need sun protection, dust prevention, and protection in daily care. Stimulus (don’t eat spicy food), disable functional skin care products and cosmetics. Below, let’s take a look at the specific precautions after microneedle acne pits.

  Notes on microneedle acne pits

  insist on repairing products with acne pits. It takes time and patience to eliminate acne, and it takes a long time, so stick to acne repair products.

  Pay attention to sun protection.

  Sun protection is an important condition for repairing acne pits. Before going out, be sure to take care of sunscreen, especially on the areas with deep acne marks on your face. Exposure to a lot of ultraviolet light may increase the pigmentation of your skin, deepen the acne pits and stay longer.

  Make up as little as possible.

  microneedle rf machine After removing acne pits, make up as little as possible. Excessive makeup is still harmful to the skin, especially if you have pimples or pimples on your face, you should reduce the use of cosmetics. Covering up with foundation may worsen the situation.

  Avoid touching your face with your hands frequently.

  Acne pit fractional rf microneedle machine Do not touch your face frequently after taking it out, because even if your hands are clean, there are still many invisible bacteria, so don’t touch your face or the affected area with your hands.

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