Is microneedle scar removal really effective?

  Is the microneedling rf fractional machine effective in removing scars? Scars are a manifestation of dermal tissue proliferation after trauma. It is said that the recently popular micro-needle technology can remove scars, so what is the actual effect of micro-needle in removing depressed scars? Let’s take a look at the effect of micro-needling in scar removal.

  Is micro effective for scar removal?

  Microneedles can improve scar removal to a certain extent, but microneedles are only effective for superficial scars and cannot make scars completely flat, but microneedles can improve scars to a certain extent. If you are a beauty lover and want to remove some sunken scars, you can choose to remove scars by injection. If it is a serious scar, you can choose to re-stitch the scar by surgery to remove the scar.

  The effect of microneedles in removing scars requires waiting time.

  It takes time for the microneedle scar removal effect to appear. This is because the cause of scar formation is the proliferation of the dermis after the damage is repaired. Microneedle scar removal can repair scars by stimulating skin collagen whitening and regeneration. This process takes time to show. Generally, the effect of microneedling for scar removal is manifested after 28 days, because the skin metabolism cycle after microneedling treatment is 28 days.

  Microneedle scar removal requires a variety of treatment methods.

  Because the time for scar formation is not a day or two, it is generally necessary to use microneedles to remove scars according to the course of treatment. According to different scar conditions, 2~5 superimposed treatments are needed to achieve the final effect of microneedle removal of scars.

  Microneedle scar removal will not rebound.

  Under normal circumstances, the microneedles will not rebound after removing the scar. Microneedle scar removal is to create hundreds of thousands of microchannels in a short time through microneedles, allowing active ingredients to penetrate into the skin and help improve skin scars. After the microneedling treatment, the effect of removing scars can be maintained permanently, but the beauty baby must pay attention to the later maintenance.

  There is a certain amount of pain for the scar.

  The process of  professional microneedling machine scar removal will make most people feel painful, and some beauty lovers will also respond. If the scar is shallow, the process of removing the scar with a microneedle is like the sensation of a lot of small ants biting lightly. This kind of pain is tolerable.

  Microneedle scar removal precautions

  Daily maintenance

  Rf microneedle fractional machine Please refrain from excessive massage and rubbing within two weeks after the scar is removed. Avoid hot and humid environment, sauna or strenuous exercise. At the same time, in order to prevent pigmentation, people who love beauty should avoid rubbing the injection site forcefully.

  Some foods should be avoided in the diet.

  People who love beauty should refrain from eating spicy food, seafood, and drinking alcohol after surgery, because these kinds of foods may prolong the recovery time after surgery and increase the risk of scarring.

  This type of food includes: spicy food: such as wine, pepper, pepper, pepper, ginger and garlic.

  ”Mao” products: seafood (shell seafood), chicken, duck, goose, mutton.

  Hot fruits and vegetables: oranges, grapes, plums, pumpkins, etc.

  Avoid using ointments without permission.

  After removing the scar with the microneedle, please do not wipe the treatment area with ointments, skin care products or cosmetics, and do not touch the treatment area with your hands. This is to reduce the chance of infection. Sun protection is very important.

  Beauty lovers should strengthen sun protection after removing scars with microneedles. The skin must be protected from sunlight during the repair process, otherwise poor collagen production will easily affect the appearance of scars in the future and cause wound pigmentation.

  Use anti-proliferation scar tape.

  In order to speed up the recovery after fractional rf needle scar removal, people who love beauty can use anti-scar tape according to the doctor’s instructions to avoid scar regeneration.

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