After a few days of microneedling, it will be back to normal, and people can be seen within 7 to 14 days after using microneedles to beautify the skin.

  rf micro needling machine returned to normal after a few days. Microneedle skin care is divided into gold microneedles, radio frequency microneedles and MTS microneedles. Many star acne marks are eliminated thanks to microneedle skin care. So, how many days after finishing the microneedle, will we return to normal? Let us reveal how long it will take for the microneedle to return to the normal state of seeing people.

  A few days later, the microneedle returned to normal.

  After microneedling is completed, it usually takes 7-14 days to recover. Some people can recover in a short time, only about 4 days. The different recovery time after microneedling is completed is determined by the different skin thicknesses of beauty lovers, and is also related to the microneedle specifications accepted by the individual. The recovery time is short, usually about 4 days, and the recovery time is long, it takes 14 days to recover, or even more than 20 days to recover. Manual micro-needling treatment alone can cause a large degree of skin damage, so the recovery time is generally longer than electric micro-needling treatment. Those who love beauty need to wait patiently.

  What is the recovery time of microneedle?

  Personal qualities of beauty lovers

  Different beauty lovers have different physiques and different skin thicknesses. Some people who love beauty have a slower metabolism, so the recovery time after microneedle beautification will be longer. For some people who can recover quickly from injury, fractional microneedle rf machine recovers faster after cosmetic treatment.

  Microneedle specifications

  Generally, there are five different specifications of microneedles for skin care. The 0.3mm microneedles usually used for the eyes recover the fastest, while the 2.0mm microneedles used for wound repair take longer to recover after treatment. According to the laws of skin metabolism, it usually takes 28 days.

  How to recover faster after microneedle treatment?

  Use non-irritating skin care products to quickly recover

  After micro-needling, people who love beauty need to be careful not to use skin care products that contain fruit acid, tretinoin, salicylic acid, exfoliating, high concentration, vitamin C, alcohol and other irritating ingredients. Although skin care products containing these ingredients have a functional effect on the skin, the skin barrier is destroyed after microneedling treatment, and these ingredients directly enter the stratum corneum of the skin and cause skin inflammation. Therefore, in order to restore the beauty of the skin as soon as possible, it is best not to privately use some irritating skin care products with special functions.

  Avoid rubbing the skin and recover quickly.

  After finishing the microneedling rf fractional machine, some sisters will want to see if their skin has improved, so they will touch and rub the skin. However, it is best not to touch and rub the skin after the microneedling is completed, because rubbing the skin will destroy the epidermis, causing dry, rough, red skin and other reactions. Therefore, it is best not to rub the skin after microneedling.

  Avoid entering and leaving high temperature places, and recover quickly.

  After finishing the microneedle, Amy’s sisters need to pay attention to avoiding high temperature places, and not to go to the sauna and hot bath, because some water vapor will “take advantage” in the high temperature place and enter the face after finishing the microneedle. Easy to cause infection and inflammation. Therefore, in order to quickly recover from microneedle skin care, beauty lovers must avoid going to high-temperature places, saunas, and hot baths in public baths. Avoid swimming and recover quickly.

  People who love beauty are best not to swim after microneedling, because whether swimming in a swimming pool or in a river, the swimming water is not pure, but water containing a lot of bacteria and debris. But after microneedling, the barrier function of the skin is temporarily destroyed, and the protection mechanism is very fragile. Swimming after microneedling will cause the skin to be infected by microorganisms, so don’t go swimming until you recover after microneedling.

  Avoid seafood, spicy and greasy food.

  After scarlet rf needle machine is finished, beauty lovers also need to be careful not to eat seafood, spicy and greasy food, etc. This is because these seafood are prone to cause some allergic reactions such as red, swollen and itchy skin, and the ingestion of spicy food can easily cause inflammation of the wound. Therefore, in order to recover as soon as possible after microneedling, beauty lovers need to avoid the intake of seafood and spicy and greasy food. Spicy foods include: chili, pepper, pepper, ginger and garlic. Seafood refers to some aquatic products with shells.

  Avoid washing for 24 hours after surgery.

  Do not wash your face within 24 hours after fractional rf micro needle surgery, but you can wash it with sterile saline. After 24 hours of the microneedle, the temperature of washing your face should not be too high (not exceeding the body temperature of 37 degrees), because the skin behind the microneedle is fragile and hot water can easily irritate the skin, and there will be some uncomfortable reactions. In order to restore the skin as soon as possible after the completion of the microneedle skin beautification project, people who love beauty should pay attention to the time of cleansing.

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