The microneedle acne marks are effective several times.

  How many times can microneedle rf machine be effective for acne? Minimally invasive microneedle therapy can remove old acne marks, so how many times can microneedle remove acne? Let us solve the following puzzles of Aimei baby and let everyone know about microneedle acne Have a deeper understanding of the effect~

  How many times can microneedle remove acne?

  Rf fractional micro needle acne removal refers to the use of micro needles to remove acne marks. Generally speaking, one-time micro-needle acne removal has a certain effect, but if it is the skin with severe acne marks, one-time micro-needle acne removal will not completely remove the acne marks. For skin with severe acne marks, 3-5 microneedle treatments are generally required. But the acne marks of each subject are different, so the number of times required for microneedles to remove acne is also different.

  How effective is microneedles for acne?

  Tighten skin machine is not as good as an exfoliating dot-matrix laser in improving pores and acne pits. Because the effect of microneedles is more comprehensive and it can be applied to more skin problems, it is not so targeted for acne removal. If you have severe acne marks and large pores in urgent need of improvement, you can consider exfoliating dot matrix laser (large side effects and long recovery time).

  How long can the micro-acne effect last?

  The anti-acne effect of microneedles generally does not last for a long time, generally only about 3 months. This is mainly because the skin’s metabolism is cyclical. Although microneedles can stimulate new collagen in the skin, the skin will automatically renew its cells again after 28 days. Therefore, if it is properly maintained after microneedling acne treatment and cosmetic surgery, the skin’s metabolic cycle can generally be maintained for more than two times.

  Who is suitable for micro acne?

  microneedle fractional rf is effective for superficial acne scars. Generally, micro-needling is suitable for teenagers who have acne marks on their faces at the age of 18-35. For some deep acne marks, the effect of microneedle is limited, it is best to choose a dot matrix laser to remove deep acne marks.

  Will microneedle acne recur?

  Fractional rf machine Whether the acne recurs or not depends on whether the beauty lovers have found the root cause of their acne. In addition, after developing acne, they also need proper moisturizing care. People who love beauty cannot apply pressure to the acne area, which causes damage to the acne, but leaves acne marks instead. Generally do post-operative care and skin care, micro-needle acne will not recur.

  Who can’t do micro-needling for acne?

  Skin infections or bleeding disorders cannot be used to treat acne with microneedles.

  Skin infections or skin diseases (except acne), bleeding disorders, taking anticoagulants, pregnancy, scarring, wearing pacemakers (internal electronic devices such as heart rate devices), vascular stents or metal implants, skin malignancies, etc. It is recommended not to perform microneedling acne treatment.

  Acne-infected skin is not suitable for microneedling.

  Large areas of acne, inflamed skin and sensitive skin are definitely not suitable for micro needling machine for acne treatment, because micro-needle acne treatment will cause micro-holes in the skin, which is minimally invasive. If the skin surface itself is damaged, it can no longer be irritated.

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