Is the effect of microneedle acne pits good?

  How effective is micro needle fractional rf in treating acne pits? Micro needle acne pits are a medical beauty treatment that can be effectively treated in a short period of time. Are micro-needle acne pits really effective? Let’s take a look at micro-needle acne pits, okay? How effective is it~

  How effective is micro-needling in treating acne pits?

  Microneedles can remove acne pits to a certain extent, but because the overall effect of microneedles is diverse, the effect of removing acne pits is not as good as that of special acne exfoliating dot-matrix laser. If babies who love beauty only want to improve the acne pits on the face and hope to have a good acne effect, then before considering making microneedles, you can first understand the dot matrix laser, because in all the current acne plastic surgery projects, The laser is very effective for removing acne.

  How long does it take for the effect of microneedle acne pits to show up?

  The microneedling radio frequency machine takes about 28 days for acne pits to be effective. Because each cycle of skin metabolism is 28 days, it usually takes about 28 days for microneedling to remove acne pits. It is worth mentioning that if microneedles are used to replenish moisture to the skin, it will be effective immediately after the microneedle cosmetic treatment.

  How long does the micro-needle anti-acne effect last?

  The general effect of microneedle acne pits for beauty lovers can last for 2-4 months, because microneedle beauty only allows the skin to produce new collagen in two metabolic cycles. After micro-needle acne treatment, as long as people who love beauty find out the cause of their skin acne, take good care of the skin after acne, do not squeeze the acne and control the formation of new acne pits, generally there is no need to do micro-needle acne Pitted.

  There will be slight bleeding after removing the microneedle from the acne.

  After scarlet rf needle machine treatment of acne, the skin will be a little reddened with slight bleeding. This is a normal phenomenon after laser acne, caused by microneedle piercing the epidermis. Under normal circumstances, the skin can repair itself within 24 hours.

  A medical beauty method to remove acne pits

  Fruit acid peeling acne pits: It has a slight effect on superficial acne pits, including acne and acne.

  Microcrystalline acne pits: Use the principle of physical peeling to remove the cuticle of the epidermis and stimulate the regeneration of keratinocytes and collagen. There are abundant microcrystalline particles in the probe, which impact the skin through a powerful pressure jet to achieve an abrasive effect, which is a bit similar to a fractional laser. The microcrystalline grinding effect is accurate and requires multiple treatments. There is a risk of residual pigmentation, this method will be phased out after the appearance of the laser.

  Hyaluronic acid filled acne pits: Hyaluronic acid filled acne pits are for depressed acne pits, but after hyaluronic acid fills the acne pits, it lasts for a short time and requires repeated treatment.

  Exfoliating laser acne pits: The mechanism is equivalent to microdermabrasion, forming micropores with the skin, stimulating the regeneration of the epidermis and dermis, and reducing the occurrence of pigmentation. But the treatment cycle is prolonged and more treatment is needed. The pixel laser and carbon dioxide laser in the stripping laser are laser cosmetic treatments that can remove acne pits. Golden microneedle acne pit: Through the fractional rf machine, the energy generated by radio frequency is accurately located in the dermis, which stimulates the proliferation of collagen fibers, thickens the dermis, and improves depressed scars.

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