How long does the laser eyebrow wash take to recover?

  Many people in our lives like eyebrow tattoos, but after the eyebrow tattoos feel bad and want to wash them off, how long does it take for laser eyebrow washing to recover? What should I do if there is a scar during the recovery period of laser eyebrow wash?

  How long does the laser eyebrow wash back to its original state?

  The scabs are completely recovered within a week and a month.

  Laser eyebrow scab removal and scab removal takes a week to recover, which is the time required for normal body recovery. In addition, it will take about one month for the eyebrows to completely return to normal, because the skin metabolism cycle is one month. There may be a certain degree of red marks after laser eyebrow washes. After one month, the red marks will fade due to the repair of the skin. At this point, the bad symptoms after laser eyebrow washes will disappear.

  Correct care after laser washing eyebrows

  Avoid contact with water

  During the healing period of the eyebrow wash, the beauty seeker should protect the treated area from contact with water, because washing the eyebrows will also leave extremely small and dense wounds, and the water contains a lot of bacteria. In order to prevent infection, we will treat the eyebrows for a week after laser washing. Do not touch the water. If you need to clean the eyebrow area, it is best to wipe gently with a sterile cotton swab.

  Clean tissue fluid in time

  After Amy’s sisters have done laser eyebrow washes, they need to clean up the exuded tissue fluid in time. If they find that there is tissue fluid exudation, they can be wiped off with a sterile cotton swab in time. If the tissue fluid ratio u>Shrimp is suffering from benzene-flanked face knocking on the face, the medium is stubborn, the face is knocked out, and the medium is smashed. Feint

  Strengthen sun protection

  Those seeking beauty after laser eyebrow washes should pay attention to sun protection to prevent the treated area from being irradiated by ultraviolet rays and causing pigment accumulation. When the sisters of the love sister are out, they can prepare a double-sided vinyl umbrella, if convenient, they can also wear a sun hat and sunglasses, provided that they do not touch the brows during the recovery period.

  Generally, laser eyebrows are used to wash the eyebrows after tattooing. There may be a certain degree of red mark after laser eyebrow washing. So how long can laser eyebrows recover? What should I do if there is a scar during the recovery period of laser eyebrow wash?

  What to do if there are scars during the recovery period of laser eyebrow wash

  Excessive damage to the dermal tissue during the process of washing the eyebrows will produce a large amount of connective tissue to repair the wound. When the wound grows well, it will become a scar during the recovery period of laser eyebrow washing.

  After the scars appear, they can be treated with long-acting steroid drugs such as Debaosone and triamcinolone acetonide under the guidance of a doctor. Such drugs can shrink the collagen fibers and gradually calm the keloids. In addition, you can apply aloe vera gel to dilute the scars and restore the scars to the surrounding skin as soon as possible.

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