The best way to wash your eyebrows

  There are three ways to wash the eyebrows, including the following three questions:

  Traditional practice

  The traditional cleaning method is complex chemical peeling eyebrow electric method and so on. The y(a)O used in the former is corrosive to apply the eyebrow system to make the local chemical reaction of the burn, and finally to remove the scab, part of the decorative dye disappears; that is, the high-frequency electrical method describes the burning of the EA eyebrow, drying and necrosis, and the partial removal of the dye from the tissue. organization.

  Fading method

  The principle of brow wash water desalination: The brow wash water desalination is based on the empty needle cipher method. After the white skin is mechanically damaged, using a depigment agent, after a few days of scabs on the skin surface, the naturally falling color fades and fades.

  Method Eyebrow Washing Water Fading Indications: Acceptable, darker color on the eyebrows is blue. When Zhixingkuan’s tattoo, the outer corner of the eye was moved too long (this method is not a liner).

  Laser surgery

  Laser eyebrow wash refers to the laser technology through a millisecond or micro-millisecond ultra-pulse working time. In an instant, we can choose to penetrate the epidermis of the skin to reach the deep layer of our skin. It is the pigment particles inside the skin tissue that are instantaneously crushed and crushed. It may be transported away slowly after being affected by the macrophages of the human body.

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