After a few days of micro-needling beauty treatment, it is effective

  How long does it take to see the effect after microneedling? Many celebrities save their acne faces by using microneedling to remove acne scars and acne scars. If you need to save acne scars, how many days can microneedling be effective? Let’s take a look at how long does the microneedling work?

  How long does it take to see the effect after the microneedle

  After the microneedle is done, the effect is generally not visible immediately. This is because the effect of the microneedle needs to be reflected after the skin has completely repaired the epidermal damage caused by the microneedle. Generally, the time for the skin to repair the cosmetic damage of the microneedle is It takes 28 days, so the best results can usually be seen 28 days after finishing microneedle beauty. Although micro-needling takes a long time to take effect, it can improve skin problems from the root cause. In addition, as long as it is properly maintained, the effect will last for a long time.

  How long does the beauty effect of microneedles last?

  In theory, the effect of microneedling can be permanently maintained, but the premise is that skin problems such as acne marks and stretch marks will no longer occur. In addition, in order to have a good beauty effect of microneedles, it is necessary to do: sun protection, dust prevention, anti-irritation (do not eat spicy food), and ban functional skin care products and cosmetics.

  Micro-needle beauty is the best

  Micro-needling to remove acne marks, micro-needle to remove superficial wrinkles, and micro-needle to remove stretch marks. These beauty treatments generally need to be done three times. Because the effect of micro-needling is superimposed, the effect will generally be better if you do it several times. . It is worthy of the attention of beauty lovers that the interval between microneedle beauty treatments should not be too short, at least one month interval is needed to make the skin repair the best.

  Microneedle beauty is the most effective for wavy acne scars

  Many people have mixed reviews on the effect of microneedle beauty. This is mainly because microneedles target different acne scars and the degree of repair is different. Generally speaking, microneedles are used together with some ingredients that promote collagen renewal, which has a better effect on acne marks with shallow pits and wide mouths like waves. This kind of acne scar is considered to be the least difficult to repair, so it can be repaired by a course of microneedle beauty treatment.

  For acne scars shaped like train carriages and deeper ice cone-shaped acne scars, microneedle beauty is relatively small. It is recommended that those who have the other two kinds of acne scars use fractional laser or some other cosmetic methods to remove acne scars.

  What are the effects of microneedle beauty

  1. Remove wavy acne scars

  Microneedles have the effect of removing scars and acne pits. This is because microneedles use microneedle rollers to create corresponding stimuli on the skin layer to promote the proliferation of collagen and fibroblasts in the skin layer.

  2. Removal of stretch marks, obesity lines and slimming lines

  Some beauty lovers will have stretch marks on their belly just after giving birth. At this time, microneedles can also be used to remove them. The function of microneedles to remove stretch marks is that the heat generated by the non-insulating microneedles can promote the growth of body collagen, thereby tightening the skin and improving stretch marks. In addition, obesity lines and slimming lines are both caused by the breakage of skin collagen fibers, so both can be improved by microneedling.

  3. Remove superficial wrinkles

  Microneedling can remove superficial wrinkles and delay the initial aging process of beauty lovers to a certain extent. This is because microneedling treatment will generate heat, and the skin will synthesize a large amount of new collagen after the heat effect, so that the skin is superficial Wrinkles can be smoothed after a large amount of collagen is regenerated, and the skin can be restored to youth.

  4. Deeply moisturize the skin

  The reason why microneedles have the effect of moisturizing and moisturizing the skin is that the moisturizing ingredients of some nutrients can be penetrated into the mesoderm channel of the skin through mesodermal therapy, so that nutrients can be fully absorbed by the skin, so as to achieve deep hydration to the skin Moisturizing effect. In fact, the water light needle is also a kind of microneedle, but the microneedle is used as a skin care product later.

  5. Whitening and brightening skin tone

  Microneedles can play a role in whitening and lightening spots. This is mainly because the radio frequency of the microneedles will produce thermal stimulation on the skin. Under thermal stimulation, some old cells will undergo apoptosis and new cells will gradually form, so it can replace the original There are pigmented skin cells, so that the skin spots of beauty lovers with spots on the face are reduced.

  Who is not suitable for microneedle

  Skin infections or skin diseases (except acne), bleeding disorders, taking anticoagulant drugs, pregnancy, scarring, wearing pacemakers (heart rate devices and other electronic devices in the body), vascular stents or metal implants, skin malignancies Etc., it is recommended not to perform micro-needle cosmetic treatment.

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