How often is it better to do microneedle beauty shaping?

  How often is it better to do microneedles? The main function of microneedles is to improve the overall skin quality, eliminate acne marks and scars, and microneedling fractional rf machine combined with radio frequency can achieve the effect of lifting the skin. So, what is the best thing for a beauty artifact like microneedle to do every few days? Let us uncover the secrets together~

  How often is it better to do microneedles?

  The frequency of use of microneedling machine fractional rf depends on the physical recovery of beauty lovers. Generally speaking, the interval between two microneedle beauty treatments should not be less than one month. This is because after microneedle beauty, the final effect cannot be seen until the skin is repaired. Because the skin repair cycle is 28 days, it takes one month to see the best cosmetic effect after microneedling. Therefore, two microneedle treatments should not be less than one month.

  It is best to do microneedles several times.

  Micro-needle beauty, whether it is used to remove stretch marks or acne marks, or use micro-needle to improve scars, it will be effective at one time. However, a single microneedle will not achieve satisfactory results. It is generally better to do micro-needling three times, because the skin’s deep repair time and metabolism time are longer, so the number of treatments will increase accordingly.

  When is it better to make microneedles?

  Micro-needle beauty is generally treated as soon as possible after skin problems occur. However, it should be noted that microneedles cannot be used to remove acne during the inflammatory period. The red and swollen acne period must be passed before treatment, which can also greatly reduce the chance of infection and inflammation after microneedling.

  How long does it take for the microneedle to return to normal?

  The reaction time after rf microneedle ce is completed varies from person to person, because each beauty person uses a different depth of microneedle when receiving real treatment. Some people who love beauty only have reddish skin after microneedling, no bleeding, and faster recovery. But if it is bleeding and scabs after microneedling, the recovery time of the skin will be delayed. Generally speaking, the short recovery time is usually 7 days, and people can be seen the next day after treatment. If scabs appear after microneedling treatment, the recovery time will not exceed 10 days.

  Precautions after treatment with fractional microneedle machine

  1. You can take a bath after treatment, but avoid sauna, high temperature bath or high temperature washing.

  2. The skin will become hot within 1 to 2 hours after the microneedle treatment. Use ice or cold mask to reduce the burning sensation. The burning sensation disappears after 2 to 3 hours.

  3. Bleeding occurs at the treatment site, you can use a sterile cotton ball to gently press the bleeding site to stop the bleeding. You can shave, put on make-up or take a bath the next day after the operation.

  4. Use moisturizing and hydrating products twice a day to help shorten the recovery period.

  5. After 1 to 2 days after the operation, there will be slight scabs on the gold microneedle treatment area, which is a normal phenomenon after treatment. Don’t tear off the scab artificially.

  6. Skin care products containing irritating ingredients should not be used after microneedle treatment, but medical sterile moisturizing products should be used.

  7. Professional micro needling machine is prone to pigmentation after treatment, so please pay attention to sun protection. Sunscreen is not suitable for microneedles just after finishing. It is best to prepare masks, sunglasses, hats, sun umbrellas, etc. For real money when going to the hospital. In future outdoor activities, people who love beauty still need to wear sunscreen (over SPF30).

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