How long can the improvement of gold microneedle be effective?

  Gold radiofrequency microneedles, short for gold microneedles, are a combination of mesodermal therapy, microneedles, gold energy and skin beauty techniques for the removal of stretch marks. With comfortable experience and remarkable effect, become the top star of stretch mark removal machine. How does it remove stretch marks? How long does it take to take effect? How to care after treatment?

  Principle of removing stretch marks with gold radiofrequency microneedle

  The formation of stretch marks is due to the fracture of collagen fibers. The principle of treating stretch marks with gold microne is to stimulate collagen regeneration through radiofrequency energy, so as to activate the broken fibrous tissue, generate new collagen and promote the recovery of stretch marks.

  Specifically, the principle is to combine microneedle technology with radio frequency technology. Radiofrequency energy is evenly distributed from the shallow layers of the skin to the middle layer of the dermis via the gold-plated microtreatment heads, which stimulate the synthesis of collagen and elastic fibers, re-support the previously damaged fiber network, and regenerate the skin for the removal of stretch marks and rejuvenation of the skin.

  How long does gold radio frequency microneedle treat gestation mark effective?

  Normally, after seven days of treatment, the skin tissue is reorganized and repaired. At this moment the skin sends tight the effect that reduces wrinkle to be able to reflect gradually come out, a month or so effect is met more apparent. However, it is not realistic to remove stretch marks if you only do gold radiofrequency microneedles once. You need to treat them according to your actual situation and course of treatment, so that the effect will be more ideal.

  Points for attention after gold radiofrequency needle treatment

  1. Fever will occur intermittently 1-2 days after treatment, and ice can be used to relieve the burning sensation.

  2, the treatment site should not be wet, can be gently pressed and wiped with normal saline, and must be rubbed.

  3. Use a repaired product, such as human epidermal growth factor gel, to accelerate skin growth and healing and shorten the recovery period before healing of the treated site.

  4. Scabs will form in about a week. Let them fall off naturally without human intervention.

  Gold radiofrequency needle is a functional instrument that can lighten skin, remove wrinkles, tighten skin and shape skin. So far, it has been a very satisfactory device for removing stretch marks. Beauty salons can be used to create problematic skin, stretch marks, body odor and more.

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