The beauty effect and principle of fractional rf microneedle machine!

  Many friends are designing the New Year’s style! Dress yourself carefully, and strive to become the smartest puppy among friends and family. Therefore, at the end of the year, the major medical beauty institutions were also very busy. Pumping, hyaluronic acid, fractional laser, thermomaggie, etc. All to make yourself more beautiful. Now that the medical beauty technology is so advanced, everyone has gradually realized the wonderful experience that Light medical beauty brings. So today, let’s talk about microneedle beauty. rf microneedling machine has only become active in the field of beauty in recent years. In the beginning, in the transdermal drug delivery process of applied medicine, tiny needles were used to stimulate the surface of the skin to help the drug penetrate into the skin. Later it was gradually applied to medical cosmetology. Use the skin’s self-healing ability to make your skin produce collagen and improve acne, wrinkles and roughness.

  There is a dense stratum corneum on the surface of human skin. The stratum corneum protects the body’s organs and tissues from sun damage, prevents the loss of nutrients in the body, and prevents the nutrients in skin care products from entering the basal layer to play a role. Large molecules such as hyaluronic acid and collagen. Therefore, the first problem to be solved by skin care is how to help the active nutrients to penetrate into the skin without damaging the stratum corneum as much as possible. The rf fractional machine is used to pierce the skin surface with many tiny needles on the microneedle, forming a large number of channels in a short time, and directly transporting the cosmetic active ingredients to the substrate. At the same time, because the microneedle pierces the skin surface, it can stimulate the self-repair ability of the skin tissue, promote skin metabolism to a certain extent, improve skin elasticity, and remove fine lines and acne marks. For severe acne pits, it is useless to use skin care products alone. Xiaoya suggests that everyone can try microneedle beauty. Can heal acne to a certain extent. However, micro-care is not a panacea, the improvement of the skin is limited, and not all skins can do it. Microneedles are a physical promotion technology that creates a real channel on the surface of the skin. Compared with the chemical promotion method, the channel is more efficient and powerful in helping the active ingredient to penetrate and absorb. At the same time, because the window causes little damage to the skin surface, the risk of using it is relatively low. So some courageous friends give themselves injections directly, and I am more resistant. Micro needle fractional rf beauty requires professional operation by professionals, rather than buying instruments by yourself. You can start after reading the instructions today, and you need to pierce the facial skin. Can you guarantee that it is completely sterile during use? It has been sterilized? In case of infection, it is not a trivial matter.

  In addition, we must strictly abide by the precautions that professionals say before and after the operation. In particular, collagen cannot be taken orally blindly, because microneedling machine beauty is a process of stimulating collagen regeneration. If we take collagen alone before and after surgery, it will cause external supplementation and internal release, granulation tissue will appear in the subcutaneous connective tissue hyperplasia, until it becomes macular tissue, and subcutaneous necrosis, redness and swelling and other adverse reactions will occur.

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