Do you really know about microneedles? You have to know that.

 ”Microneedle therapy” can not only improve the accuracy and efficiency of drug administration, but also has the characteristics of painless and trace. Microneedling machine has not only been widely used in the field of biomedicine, but also achieved unprecedented popularity in the field of beauty. Microneedles are widely used in cosmetic applications. It is not only used for body shaping, but also for beauty and skin care. It is also very effective in treating hair loss and repairing scars. In general, the application of RF fractional micro needle FDA in beauty and fitness can be summarized as the following aspects: anti-skin aging, prevention and treatment of alopecia, weight loss, treatment of acne, removal of orange skin tissue, reduction of local fat accumulation, tinea skin, etc. So what is the hairdressing principle of microneedle?

  First, microneedle RF machine beauty principle

  Stimulate the skin, creating a large number of microchannels, so that the active ingredients effectively penetrate the skin. Fine needle rolling also stimulates the proliferation of collagen and fibroblasts in the dermis. This kind of micro trauma is used smaller than 30G fine needle “microneedle” for microneedle, which can heal micro trauma quickly and leave no scar. In other words, direct active ingredients and multiple nutrients rapidly penetrate skin cells at different depths through very small pinholes. These small, minimally invasive wounds do not cause undue trauma or burden to the skin. During repair, Acme-tea also activates cells and promotes the proliferation of collagen and elastic fibers, which fill in the pits and fade acne scars. It also allows skin cells to absorb genetically active ingredients needed by the skin directly through microtubes.

  There are many ways to classify microneedles. According to the material classification, it can be divided into silicon microneedles, metal microneedles, polymer microneedles and so on. At present, according to the application of microneedles in drug delivery, microneedles are divided into hydrogel microneedles, hollow microneedles, degradable microneedles, coated microneedles and solid microneedles. In recent years, a variety of microneedle devices have appeared in the cosmetic and plastic market, such as roller microneedle, stamping microneedle, electric microneedle, skin microneedle, radio frequency microneedle system, etc.

  Two, several micro Needling machine equipment

  1. Roller microneedle: the most widely used microneedle at present. The main body is generally composed of a handle and a roller, which is distributed with several rows of microneedles with a length of 0.5 ~ 3 mm. When the roller is rolled over the skin, microneedles can form micropores in the skin or stimulate proliferation of skin cells. Because most of these micrones are made of medical-grade steel, they are suitable for repeated use on large areas of skin.

  2. Sealed microneedle: it is composed of a handle and a sealed head. The microneedle is located on the seal. When used, microneedles are applied vertically to the skin and are generally used for local scar treatment.

  3. Electric microneedle: the microneedle is divided into pen-like body and vibrating seal microneedle. By mechanical drive, the microneedle on the head can vibrate repeatedly, eliminating the disadvantage of uneven force on the skin when the operator uses the microneedle. 4.DermaFrac: A new microneedle device combining microdermabrasion, microneedle, simultaneous deep tissue serum injection and LED light therapy. Used to treat sunburn, acne, coarse pores, uneven skin color, wrinkles, fine lines, superficial scars, etc.

  5. Radio frequency microne system: with the help of microne, electric energy is introduced into the skin to treat scars, hyperhidrosis, tight skin and facial rejuvenation without damaging the epidermis.

  Third, the role of micro Needle RF

  Using the physical function of microneedles can not only be used to treat scars, but also can be used in the field of facial rejuvenation. In the past, chemical peels were used to remove wrinkles on the face, causing inflammation when the upper layer of the skin was destroyed, causing collagen to accumulate and achieving the effect of firming the skin. However, skin collagen deposition affects skin hydration through the treatment process of breaking the cuticle barrier, and patients often feel dry skin after treatment. While laser wrinkle removal is effective in improving the smoothness of the skin, the skin becomes pale due to fibrosis, and after a few years the collagen can be absorbed and fine lines can reappear.

  However, many cytokines and growth factors were released after rf microneedling treatment caused minor skin lesions. Subsequently, fibroblasts migrate and proliferate, collagen deposits begin, and new blood vessels form. With the conversion of type III collagen to type I collagen, the blood supply to the skin gradually returns to normal, the skin becomes firm and smooth, and the skin tone becomes natural. Clinically, the application of fractional RF Microneedle machine in upper lip, forehead and eye region has achieved good results in anti-aging skin treatment. On the one hand, microneedles can “rejuvenate the face” by inducing collagen. On the other hand, microneedles can further “attack” skin aging by introducing hyaluronic acid and Botulinum toxin.

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