What are the unique advantages of gold rf microneedles?

  1. Depth and precision adjustable, targeted therapy: the dermis directly emits rf energy through the microneedle penetrating the skin, while the depth and RF energy of the fractional rf microneedle machine can be adjusted according to different degrees of adaptation, so as to double the curative effect.

  2. Real-time monitoring and intelligent control of the whole process: real-time intelligent monitoring of the treatment process system ensures the stable output of the energy at the specified intensity, overcomes the risk of difficult control of energy and burning of the epidermis in traditional treatment, and effectively ensures the safety and efficacy of treatment.

  3. New treatment, double curative effect: microneedle can open the tiny channels in the skin, introduce growth factors, and the tip of microneedle can release radio frequency energy, stimulate collagen regeneration, activate stem cells, fully repair the skin, and fight against aging, the effect is far better than a single treatment plan.

  4. No scar, colorless subsidence after surgery: the unique design of the insulated needle rod, avoid stimulating the epidermis, the tip can directly release energy to the depth of treatment, no scar, color subsidence and other adverse reactions, perfect effect.

  5. Open microchannels to the skin, so that the effective ingredients of nutrition directly reach the required parts of the skin, the effective absorption rate is more than 4000 times higher than the normal use of beauty products.

  The radiofrequency of gold microneedle is different from traditional dot matrix stripping technology, which avoids thermal damage to epidermis. Needle tip directly into the dermis heating, energy directly on the dermis, to avoid the treatment of scab, pigmentation and other adverse reactions. But although the effect of gold microneedle is good, we should carefully judge whether it is suitable for treatment, choose regular medical places, in order to completely avoid side effects, get the best effect.

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