What is the difference between microneedle and water light needle?

  What is the difference between rf fractional machine and water light needle? Dear Amy, you may know what water light needle is, but you don’t necessarily know what microneedle is. Are microneedles and water light needles the same? Microneedles and water light needles are very similar, but there are differences. Let’s take a look at the difference between microneedle and water light needle~

  The difference between microneedle and water needle

  Rf micro needling machine and water-light needle work by opening the passage of the epidermis into the mesoderm, so that nutrients can be fully absorbed. The main difference between microneedle and water-light acupuncture is the difference in efficacy. The main function of the microneedle is to eliminate acne marks and improve the overall skin texture, while the water-light acupuncture injects hyaluronic acid moisturizing ingredients to improve skin moisture.

  For the choice of microneedle and water-light acupuncture, girls with acne marks can choose microneedle to improve. If it is a girl with dry skin that is not easy to apply makeup, then a water jet can improve the hydration of the face. Next, let’s take a look at the main differences between microneedles and water-light needles.

  The difference between microneedle and water needle: the working principle is different.


  The basic version of water light needle is to puncture the skin with a small needle on the roller, open the tiny channel, promote the transdermal absorption of the active ingredients, promote the discharge of pigment particles, replace the epidermal cells, rebuild the dermal tissue, and repair the skin barrier.

  water needle

  water needle is to inject the active ingredients into the dermal tissue through negative pressure multiple needle suction droplets, and start self-repair through the focal damage effect.

  Summary: Whether it is an rf fractional needle or a water-light needle, during the treatment process, one is to deliver nutrients to the mesoderm, and the other is to start the body’s automatic repair through a recoverable minor injury. This repair process is the process of tissue renewal.

  The difference between microneedle and water-light acupuncture: They are different for skin problems.


  The shallowest basic version of microneedles mainly acts on the eyes, which can shrink pores and introduce maintenance ingredients; 0.5mm microneedles have the function of reducing spots and wrinkles; 1.0mm microneedles are used to remove acne marks; 1.5mm microneedles are needed to eliminate stretch marks , Slimming scars and scars. If you need to repair scars and hair growth, the microneedle used should be 2.0 mm. In addition, if the basic microneedling radio frequency machine is operated by radio frequency, it can improve facial lines. The effect of microneedle can be said to be rich, but the effect after unilateral treatment is not strong.

  water needle

  water injection is aimed at skin problems such as dry skin, enlarged pores, fine lines, and sagging skin. Very suitable for special care of dehydrated skin.

  The difference between microneedle and water-light acupuncture: different treatment devices.


  The diameter of the basic fractional rf machine is 0.22 mm, and the length of the needle tip has three specifications, namely 0.3 mm, 0.5 mm, 1.0 mm, 1.5 mm and 2 mm. Microneedles of different depths have different functions.

  water needle

  There are two types of water needles, 5-needle or 9-needle. The needle length is 3 mm, the 5-needle needle diameter is 31 grams, and the 9-needle needle diameter is 32 grams. The injection depth of the water jet needle is generally controlled at 0-3 mm. The difference between microneedle and water-light acupuncture: different therapeutic ingredients


  While basic radio frequency microneedling, the drugs used include growth factors, licorice flavone, MT metallothionein, tranexamic acid (also known as tranexamic acid) and so on. The main function of microneedles is to repair sensitive skin, remove acne marks, improve skin texture, and can also dispel spots and whiten. Microneedles are most commonly used to remove acne marks and surface scars.

  water needle

  water injection uses small molecules of hyaluronic acid and some functional ingredients. Its main function is to improve facial hydration and dry lines.

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