What are the side effects of microneedle beauty?

  Are there any side effects of fractional rf machine? Some people say that a microneedle is equivalent to a lady-grade skin care product that is maintained thousands of times. Is microneedle beauty really that good? Why do some people say that microneedle beauty may disfigure? Let’s take a look at the side effects of microneedle~

  Are there any side effects of microneedle?

  rf fractional microneedle therapy generally has no long-term side effects under standard procedures, but after the operation, the face is usually red and the symptoms of minor bleeding are slightly obvious, but usually disappear completely in 2-7 days. People who love beauty should pay attention to that microneedles must not be purchased and operated by themselves, because the current self-operated microneedles are difficult to carry out strict disinfection. At the same time, the injected injections are not up to standard, which may easily lead to severe inflammatory allergic reactions and some serious side effect. In fact, some people who love beauty are disfigured by micro-needle beauty because of some serious side effects caused by irregular micro-needle beauty.

  Side effects of microneedle: pain

  First of all, the most direct side effect caused by irregular microneedle beauty is pain, because microneedle beauty itself is a therapy that uses microneedles to make holes in the skin and make the skin repair itself. Fortunately, the pain at the end of this microneedle can be tolerated by beauty lovers.

  Microneedle side effects: slight bleeding.

  The microneedles used in the microneedle beauty treatment can damage the skin, so the skin will have the side effect of slight bleeding due to these damages. But the baby who loves beauty doesn’t need to worry too much, because the body’s blood coagulation mechanism will repair the wound on its own, so that the wound caused by the microneedle will no longer bleed.

  Side effects of microneedling: wound scabs

  After microneedling rf fractional machine, some beauty lovers with fragile skin will experience scabs. This is the normal process of skin repairing wounds, but not every subject will have it.

  Side effects of microneedles: burning sensation on the face

  Thermage radio frequency machine beauty generally produces a burning sensation when radio frequency treatment is used, because the radio frequency energy heats the skin, so friends who love beauty will feel that the skin is very hot after the microneedle beauty treatment. If the energy in the treatment is relatively high, the burning sensation on the face will be stronger. The sisters of Aimei can use sedative products under the guidance of a doctor to reduce the burning sensation on the face.

  Microneedle side effect: facial erythema

  Some people who love beauty will have the side effect of facial erythema after microneedling. In fact, this is mainly related to the poor beauty operation of the microneedle. It is precisely because of poor operation that some sister papers may be disfigured after irregular microneedle beauty. If the microneedles stay on the same part of the face for too long, it may cause deeper skin damage and erythema.

  How to effectively avoid the side effects of microneedles?

  If you want to avoid the side effects of microneedles, it is best for those who love beauty to stay away from the home scarlet rf needle machine, because operating the microneedle by yourself can easily lead to painful management, infection and even disfigurement of the face. It is best for people who love beauty to consult a doctor according to their own facial problems, and operate the microneedle under the guidance of a skilled professional doctor to avoid the side effects and the possibility of microneedle disfigurement caused by irregular microneedle operation.

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