What should I pay attention to after microneedling beauty?

  What are the precautions for fractional rf microneedle machine finishing? Microneedle beauty is a minimally invasive beauty method that improves skin quality in all aspects. I believe that many sister papers are eager to try microneedling beauty, but many people don’t know how to do microneedling. Let’s take a look at the precautions after microneedle beauty~

  Notes after finishing microneedling: Avoid using irritating skin care products.

  After microneedling with rf, people who love beauty should be careful not to use skin care products that contain fruit acid, A acid, salicylic acid, exfoliating, high concentration, vitamin C, alcohol and other irritating ingredients. Although skin care products containing these ingredients have a functional effect on the skin, the skin barrier is destroyed after microneedling treatment, and these ingredients directly enter the stratum corneum of the skin and cause skin inflammation. Therefore, after microneedle beautification, do not privately use some irritating skin care products with special functions.

  Note after finishing the microneedle: Do not rub the skin.

  After microneedle beauty is completed, some sisters will want to see if their skin has improved, so they will touch and rub the skin. However, it is best not to touch and rub the skin after the microneedling is completed, because rubbing the skin will destroy the epidermis, causing dry, rough, red skin and other reactions. Therefore, it is best not to rub the skin after microneedling.

  Precautions for completing fractional microneedling rf: Avoid high temperature places.

  Beauty-loving girls need to avoid hot places after the microneedles are used up, and can’t go to the sauna to take a hot bath, because some water vapor will “take advantage of the void” in the hot places and enter the face after the microneedles are used up. Easy to cause infection and reproduction. Therefore, avoid going to high temperature places after the microneedle is completed.

  Precautions for completing the microneedle: Do not swim.

  People who love beauty should not swim after doing rf microneedling, because whether swimming in the pool or in the river, the swimming water is not pure, but contains a lot of bacteria and impurities. After the microneedling is done, the barrier function of the skin is temporarily destroyed, and the protective mechanism is very fragile. So after the microneedle is done, don’t go swimming unless you recover.

  Points to note after finishing the microneedle: avoid seafood, spicy and greasy food in your diet.

  After    microneedle beauty is completed, beauty lovers also need to be careful not to eat seafood, spicy and greasy food, etc. This is because these seafood are prone to cause some allergic skin redness and itching and other allergic reactions, and the ingestion of spicy food can easily cause inflammation of the wound, so after microneedling beauty, attention should be paid to avoid the intake of seafood and spicy and greasy food. Spicy foods include: chili, pepper, pepper, ginger and garlic. Seafood refers to some aquatic products with shells.

  Precautions after microneedle surgery: Do not wash your face normally for three days after surgery.

  The microneedle rf machine cannot wash the face normally within 3 days after the operation, but it can be cleaned with a sterile cotton swab dipped in sterile saline (avoid the treatment site). On the fourth day of microneedling surgery, the normal flushing temperature should not be too high (not more than 37 degrees of body temperature), because the skin after microneedling surgery is relatively fragile and the skin is easily irritated by hot water, and there will be some uncomfortable reactions. Precautions after microneedling: Use sterile moisturizing products to promote recovery.

  After    microneedle beauty treatment, sterile moisturizing products need to be used for repair, because the skin metabolism is accelerated after microneedle treatment, and beauty lovers usually feel dry. Therefore, it is recommended to use a repair moisturizing mask for more than three weeks, and use a medical sterile mask or medical moisturizing product for the first three days.

  Notes after finishing the microneedle: strengthen sun protection

  After the rf fractional micro needle is finished, it is necessary to strengthen sun protection and try to avoid going to places with strong sunlight. Do not use sunscreen for the first 3 days, and do sunscreen after 3 days. You need to use a physical sunscreen with an SPF above 30. If people who love beauty stay in an environment where the fluorescent lamp is turned on for a long time, they also need to use a low-index sunscreen to protect themselves from the sun, because the fluorescent lamp will also emit ultraviolet rays, causing the beauty effect after the microneedles are used up. Therefore, after microneedle beautification, sun protection must be strengthened.

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