Will microneedle acne scars hurt?

  Does the radio frequency microneedling machine hurt? Although microneedles may sound scary, they can improve overall skin quality. Many people use microneedles to treat acne. Does micro-needling hurt? According to the feelings of people who love beauty after experiencing micro-needling, tell you whether micro-needling hurts~

  Does the microneedle hurt?

  When performing rf needling machine beauty, the pain of beauty lovers is not very high. Regardless of the needle size of the microneedle, the pain during microneedle treatment is within a tolerable range. In addition, before any kind of microneedle treatment, the doctor will first give top anesthesia to the beauty lovers, so the beauty lovers do not need to be afraid of microneedle beauty because they are worried about pain.

  Micro-needling treatment will hurt the forehead more than the cheek.

  Beauty lovers usually feel more pain on their forehead than their cheeks when undergoing microneedle treatment. This is because there is less soft tissue in the forehead and there is no “cushion” of soft tissue. Therefore, when receiving facial micro rf needles treatment, the forehead will naturally be more painful than the cheek.

  The pain of microneedle treatment has increased over time.

  With the passage of treatment time, people’s pain tolerance will become worse in the future, and the later secret rf fractional microneedle cosmetic treatment will be slightly more painful. Some beauty lovers who are usually afraid of pain may shed tears in the later stage of microneedle treatment, but for beauty, these pains need to be endured. If you really feel that the pain makes you uncomfortable, you can communicate effectively with your doctor to control the energy of the microneedles to decrease.

  What are the side effects after    microneedle treatment?

  The side effects of secret microneedle treatment are basically different from person to person, which is caused by the skin condition and endurance of each person. Most people who love beauty will not have a burning sensation on the second day after the microneedle treatment, and the pain caused by the microneedle treatment will also disappear. However, the side effects of red cheeks are common. After microneedling treatment, some people who love beauty will have small pinhole scabs on their faces. This is normal, so don’t worry too much. Usually it will disappear completely in 5-6 days.

  What is the postoperative effect after microneedling treatment?

  Remove acne and large pores

  Generally, the effect of acne pits will not be seen immediately after microneedling, because skin collagen regeneration also requires a process. Although it takes a lot of treatment to make a significant change.

  Improve overall skin quality

  After    microneedle surgery, the skin complexion is improved and the skin becomes more shiny. By touching, beauty lovers can clearly feel that their skin becomes more delicate.

  Improve facial lines

  Rf microneedle fractional machine can improve facial lines by making golden microneedles, and the effect of improving facial lines is faster. After the microneedle treatment, the swelling can be reduced.

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